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29 November, 2007

they change their minds!

First, they say they won't change our PR but now, they updated their system and the zeros are showing - don't they know that many of us were smacked by G** Gle because we are PPP posties. Now it reconfirms our decision in not submitting our new blogs to the network. So it looks like they are bowing to page rank, aren't they? What a *#**#!

start planning for your vacation!

This is the time of the year where people start planning for year end and festive holidays. For those of you who are planning to take a break, it's best to do it NOW or you will be left behind! I know of a few friends who are making last minute Hotel Reservations for their year end getaways. One of the best places to find hotels and shop for vacation packages is through the online resources in the web. If you are wondering where and how to get started, Hotel Reservations may be just the place to begin your itinerary planning. You can feel free to search and compare the hotels available and check out details of each property. What are you waiting for?

wordless wednesday

This was one of the candid shots I caught of Clayton. These days, he knows how to cover his mouth when he's having a good laugh, just like what we adults do... I find that cute for a three year old boy - a gentle and polite gesture!

28 November, 2007

planning for 2008

Whenever I get a chance to hop into a home and decor shop, I'll like to take a peek at the cool kitchen appliances and cutlery in the homeware department. I love to buy nice aprons but somehow, they tend to end up in the drawers after a few uses :P There is a tendency for me to forget to put them on... the weather here is just too warm to put on another piece of fabric over the body, unless I'm cooking in a cool place.

Talking about cooking, I'm looking forward to acquiring some new baking skills in the New Year. Since the year is coming to an end soon, it's time to sit down and write down my goals for 2008. I'll like to pick up a few new skills and do things I have never done before. Have you started your goal planning?

27 November, 2007

big bear cabin confirmed!

I just got a call from DH's cousin confirming our trip to the Big Bear Cabin on New Year's day for 2 nights. I'm excited to try out some skiing at Big Bear and I know Clayton will be very happy to slide down the snow! Though we can't make it to the Outer Banks this time around, this would mean there's another reason to return to the States for a vacation in years to come. With less than 2 weeks to our vacation, there is so much to be done on the home front before setting out for a month's long trip. Yes, I dread to pack the rooms and office but it's nice to come back to a neat house when 2008 is here!

Christmas in a cool climate

It's nice to know that we are spending Christmas in a cool climate this year. At least I can put on my turtle necks and wool tops without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Most of all, I know that most American homes will be decorated with colourful and brightly lit Christmas trees and ornaments - how I love those dazzling lights, cute christmas elves and little fairies on the trees. I'm so glad that Clayton and ourselves can experience a true Christmas this year with our families and closed relatives. Now, it's time to get ready those Christmas gifts for everyone!

shopping for quality plush robes

I'm one person who enjoys the pampering of spas when I can find the time. I like to relax in the hands in the experienced therapists and sip a glass of warm ginger tea in one of the comfortable and soft bathrobes after a good massage session. Living in Asia means I don't get to wrap myself in these warm bathrobes during the cooler months unless I'm staying in a hotel during my business travels.

I've always want to buy myself a luxurious bathrobe but it seems that there isn't a shop that specializes in bath robes. Well, the ability to shop retailers located around the world is one of the primary reasons why online shoppers seeking rare items often turn to online shopping. This is important because these rare items may not be readily available in the shopper's vicinity. However, retailers on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world may have access to these items. Obviously traveling to these distant locations to purchase an item is not always feasible but when these items are offered for sale online, the buyer can purchase hard to find items from retailers anywhere in the world.

So it's the same when it comes to buying a high quality bathrobe and I found Plushrobes dot com, an online store that specializes in exquisite bathrobe collection, just like the ones you see in five star hotels and luxury spa centers. With all sorts of bathrobes to choose from - Terry Robes, Waffle Robes, Kimono Robes, Oprah's favourite Chenille Microfiber Robes, you know that you are buying a bathrobe of the best quality at Plush Robes. You can choose from a wide range of styles and colours, with free shipping to any address in the US. All prices are discounted and you can trust that your bathrobes are made of high quality cotton from the Denizli province in Turkey. And if you live in a warm climate like I do, the silk robes will be a great choice to keep one comfy and relaxed with its silky texture.

Whether you are a shopper looking for an exquisite one of a kind bathrobe or a gift item, which has a great deal of sentimental value and very little financial value, traveling around the world to buy it would be time consuming and expensive. But now, you can find it at Plush Robes which promises satisfaction guaranteed for all their luxurious and comfortable collection of bathrobes. For a personal touch, add a monogram on the bathrobe for yourself or for someone special.

26 November, 2007

nice catching up with old friends

Last weekend, I got together with few of my close secondary classmates. We had a wonderful dinner at the Samsui women restaurant and it was nice catching up with these gals. One of them had shed 7kg and she looked so gorgeous now! When asked if hoodia was the solution, she told us it was just a change in her diets. She started including 2 salads in a week in replacement of her normal meals and it was working so well for her.

I heard that they had plans for a midnight show... I got excited when I knew that but when I thought about babysitting my little boy, I changed my mind... parenting does change our priorities, doesn't it?

25 November, 2007

time to design your own logo now!

Last Sunday, I attended an ex-student's wedding and it was a beautiful occasion. Jerry brought me back to the days where I used to work as a design lecturer, specializing in corporate identity, layout design, publication design, typography and others. Jerry was one of those whom I spent a lot of time in guiding him in his design projects and school assignments... those were the days...

As a matter of fact, the internet has contributed lots of changes to the design industry too. These days, you can create a "Do It Yourself Logo Design" with the sophisticated design software features at LOGOYES. And the best thing about it is: it is free to use this service and you pay only if you are happy with your creation! This is excellent for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are starting out, who can't afford to pay hefty fees to designers and design firms. Oh no, I'm not putting this group of professionals out of job but LogoYes is great for those who want to want to unleash their creative potential and have their own go in logo design!

For those who are so new in logo design, the creators of LogoYes have outlined few guidelines of how to ensure your custom logo is an effective one in terms of corporate branding. With an affordable price of only $99, you can use your newly designed logo for any purpose - create your namecard, poster, marketing materials, corporate stationery...etc. Ready to let your creative juices flow? I'm going to design a logo myself and check out the features... join me!

blog break and back

I had a blog break yesterday... I needed that. Well, though it wasn't thanksgiving here in Asia, I felt like I was on holiday too! So, I went for a nice well-deserved pedicure, had lunch with a good friend and did a little shopping. I felt nice that the weekends were here though it was like 'holiday' for me now!

I have been doing some pondering with the year coming to an end. What sort of things do I wanna look forward to in the coming year - I don't know. There are some things that I needed to sort out on a personal front and work goals to achieve for the coming year. But it feels nice to know that I am heading for a long vacation in a couple of weeks' time...

22 November, 2007

children's smiles are contagious

One of my favourite hobbies is to capture shots of Clayton in his candid acts. We went shopping for Christmas items, bathroom essentials and delta faucets and he stopped by to adore the mini water feature outside Hilton Hotel in Singapore. This is one of my favourite pics of his... the smiles of little children can be so contagious and definitely comforting... especially during moments of despair and despondency. No wonder children are a blessing from heaven!

samsonite - first choice in luggage

For those of you who travel frequently, you would understand the importance of a good luggage. I had the experience of a broken zip during my travels and it was annoying. I believe that's why travelers are willing to pay for Samsonite bags since they are known for their durability and exquisite quality in fabrication. Only trouble is, they tend to be very expensive in Malaysia due to the poor currency rates and as a result, most leisure travelers would settle for any other kind of luggages. However, business travelers will tell you that a Samsonite luggage is their first choice... what about you?

21 November, 2007

clayton had a haircut - finally!

How many of you know that it's hard to settle a toddler in a hairdressing salon? After much nagging from a persistent grandma, I took Clayton to the hairdresser for a haircut. It was a challenging experience. This fellow refused to sit down and I had to talk him into him, forced him to the chair and held him firmly. Whew! It was a good thing that the lady was so experienced with little heads and she finished the job in 5 minutes. I must say she did a great job and my boy looked cool now!

there's no better time to show your love

How are you showing that you care this holiday season? Christmas is a wonderful time to show love and care to those around you and those you cared for. It's nice to know that there are businesses who are reaching out to the heros out there who are serving the country. The Gallery Collection will be donating Christmas Cards and working alongside with Soldier's Angels, a non-profit organization, and sending each soldier a special card of thanks and love. There is no better time than to support these wonderful and sacrificial soldiers and their families - be generous with your donations. For more information, go to soldiersangels.org

holidays now - how are you coping?

It hasn't been easy managing an active boy who's so used to being in school from 1pm - 4pm every afternoon. Yes, school holidays had begun and my boy is toddling around not knowing what to do every afternoon! We are counting down to our Hawaii vacation just so that the home babysitting will end soon.

How are you coping with your kids on holidays now?

marketing to the right market

I'm so glad we finished our last project for the year. This means closing for the year and looking forward to new plans for the next. Looking back, we have done much marketing for the company over advertising since this has proven to witness better results over the years. Actually, one important aspect in all marketing is the ability to identify the right target and acquire good lists from professional marketing companies like Martin Worldwide. Even for those in insurance and investment, they need insurance lists to reach out to the related target audience, which will then bring targeted results and deliverables.

18 November, 2007

toilet training is not fun

This is my third month since I started toilet training Clayton. It hasn't been a very smooth and easy task and I'm a little embarrassed to say that he's still not doing it in the toilet by himself. Sigh!

Many occasions, I had to keep asking him and forcing him to sit in the toilet before it he finally did it. And if he was left playing by himself, he would end up doing the business in the diaper. I must admit that I was getting tired of those 'accidents' cos cleaning up was no fun at all! I felt bad about getting upset with those accidents and often had to remind myself that patience is much needed in this training process. Funny thing is he will go to a corner when he has the urge to poo, even when I'm just by his side. (the above photo is the look I'll see when it's coming!)

I'm hoping that he can at least 'inform' me before every toilet act but so far, this is with little success too. I suppose I just have to keep reminding him and most importantly, be supportive and patient in this whole parenting experience.

Do you believe in virtual assistants?

I was introduced to the concept of virtual assistant few months ago and had the experience of working with one. I must say that I am happy with her work and it's nice knowing that someone is helping you virtually with things that you can't find time to accomplish. In fact, many people aren't familiar with virtual assistants and some don't even trust that this working relationship can be carried out smoothly. I'm glad that the internet technology has opened up doors for people to work remotely and expanded many options for those who prefer to work from home.

Do you believe in virtual assistants?

how i hate packing

I was just reminded that we need to pack up our home office and living area before we leave for our vacation. When the word 'packing' was mentioned, I kept silent and sulked silently. This is one activity I quite enjoy. It's tiring and time consuming. Worse still, it can take days!

Imagine the day will come when we must pack up and move to another country, there'll be alot more to do! First, I would have to check out movers and compare quotes since it's only logical to look for a Cheap Moving Company, isn't it? It's good to know that websites like Service Network help done the selection work for those who are looking for movers. So all you need to do is to assess each moving company, check out their rates and decide who you would like to use for your move. That helps to save time and anxieties from ending up with the wrong moving company!

more confusion with demotion saga

Some say you should drop paid links and ppp and the interesting thing is there are some people who have paid links and posts badges everywhere and they aren't demoted or affected by this recent page rank demotion saga... worse still, their blogs are of low quality and their paid posts are short and uninteresting... it's getting more confusing with more talk going on...

17 November, 2007

weight loss options in the marketplace

My leg magic machine is working so well for both DH and me as we faithfully spend a few minutes on it everyday. According to the product site, it is supposed to help those who are in a weight loss program. But the reality is not many people can lose weight by getting on a machine as it requires lots of discipline and perseverance. From what I read at JourneyLite dot com that one of the quick weight loss methods is through a bariatric surgery procedure which includes an insertion of an inflatable adjustable gastric band around the upper portion of your stomach. This procedure makes the person eats less and thus promote weight loss while having that feeling of fullness.

Whatever weight loss methods you choose, always consult your doctor before undertaking any medical procedure as it is important to check your health condition to ensure that you are physically apt for it.

blogging for a full year now and probably more...

Looking back, it's been a full year since I began blogging actively. While I'm sure it's been more than a year, it seems like I've just picked this up months ago... how time flies. Over the last one year, I have learned so much from the blogosphere, made some cool buddies online and grown alot as an individual. I'm more aware of what's going on out there in the web and social media platforms, learned more about SEO and other internet marketing stuff. I also have influenced a few others to jump on the blogging bandwagon and I sincerely hope that they have benefited from this experience.

How long have you been blogging?

a thought for the weekend

My blogging buddy is asking that I start some new blogs. While I already had five in my collection, I am a little hesitant on that suggestion. I suppose I need to ask myself what is my objectivce to start those new blogs and if I do have the time to maintain them. At this juncture, the answer is a straight 'no' but I may still give her suggestion a ponder. This is going to be a thought for the weekend.

are you keen on rare coins?

Remember those days in school when your teacher will ask you to acquire a hobby? I used to collect stamps together with my brother. We will cut out every stamp on envelopes, especially overseas ones. Mom used to collect chinese horoscope gold coins and she would queue in the banks just to buy them.

In fact, the number of certified coins collectors are growing. Some view this as a form of art while others like the pleasure of acquiring them. When buying rare coins, you should first conduct your research and buy only from rare coin experts. Perhaps you should also watch the video over at Monaco Rare Coin website and gain a better insight on the subject.

What is the best gift you bought for your child?

We bought this set of IQ puzzle games for Clayton for his birthday and it was one of the best things we bought for him. The puzzle was made in Germany and contained 10 books that were intended to train both the left and right brain of the child. Our purpose in buying was to occupy him and acquiring other skills was a bonus for us. He's enjoying the game and it's become a nightly routine for me and him to play a few games before going to bed.

What is the best gift you bought for your child?

16 November, 2007

received another set of mineral makeup samples!

Woohoo! I just received another pack of multiple use mineral makeup samples today! This set came in a neat packaging and not those packed in tiny plastic bags. As usual, I'll be testing out the various ones first before doing a proper product review - this is exciting, inspiring and good fun!

for all men out there

OK... this may sound a man's thing cos what do we ladies know about auto parts, car engine and Taurus Radiator? Well, if you own a Ford vehicle - heavy duty trucks, passenger sedan or muscle cars, then Radiator dot com may be just the place for you to buy your car radiator at the best prices. Besides, the online store stocks thousands of radiators for all Ford car models and styles, new or classic, whatever you need to give your vehicle a new upgrade. If you are unsure of anything, the experts are willing to provide you with the right recommendation and advice.

weekend ride for clayton

Just like all adults, little boys have their recreational hobbies too! Weekend is a special time for Clayton to enjoy a ride or two in the fun machines in the mall. Though it's a short ride of a couple of minutes, I enjoy seeing the smiles on his face - you can see that he's so happy! DH is the one who always think we shouldn't spoil him by hey, he's only a kid once. Moreover, he's not addicted to it or anything - he just wanna have fun? Why deprive a child of good, healthy fun?

busy Friday

Whoa! Thank God it's Friday! It's the weekends again! I'm full up today with an appointment to get my pedicure done in prep for a wedding on Sunday. Clayton is in school for only two hours so daddy has to do a little babysitting, let's hope he isn't complaining :P Image Consultant, Jill Lowe, has stressed that if any ladies is planning to wear an open toe shoe/sandal, make sure you paint your toes nails. Otherwise, it's like not wearing a petticoat with your otherwise translucent skirt!

I went shopping for a dress for the wedding. It's been a while since I last attended a wedding and due to my shrinking stature, I can't seem to fit into my old evening dresses. An hour trip to The Gardens and I ended up with Khoon Hooi dress - oh, I love that dress. Sorry, no photo yet... til then!

swimming pool for family recreation

Through facebook, I have connected with another friend of mine who is now residing in Arizona. I can tell from her family photos that she's enjoying the life and pace in the home of Grand Canyon. This is just the place to hop into a home swimming pool when the heat strikes. And for those who plan to construct a pool in their backyard, it's just a phone call away to consult the arizona swimming pool contractors. The site promises excellent customer service and the best quality materials used in the construction. All of these matter in making your new swimming pool a beautiful one where the family can enjoy together. As for me, I'm not sure if I want a pool, unless I have a helper in the house.

N95 for me?

I'm all keen to check out the Nokia N95 8 gb phone. The thing that attracts me most is the 5 megapix camera features. That would mean I can whip out my phone to capture any shot and send it straight to my blogs! The only thing is the price and the many features which I wouldn't utilize. Besides, I'm not sure if it will serve the purpose of recording my contacts data like a PDA. It's retailing at RM3,099 in M'sia and RM1,198 in Singapore - what a price difference, ya? Hmm... it's quite a splurge for me so I definitely have to think carefully and thoroughly :)

are you into skins?

In the last few weeks, I have been reading reviews and asking friends about PDA phones and such. I'm planning to upgrade my cell phone and being someone who is not so updated on the tech news, I prefer to check out users' reviews and recommendations. These days, a cell phone is more than just a communication device. We can see it in our lifestyle and many people will take great lengths to beautify their digital devices like buying cell phone skins, mp3 skins, laptop skins, Xbox skins and more. if you take a look at skinit, you will be lost with so many different skins designs, depending on what you want to use to reflect your personality and style. Looks like I should consider getting one for my Macbook Pro...

consider the lilies of the fields

This photos was taken at the private garden of the Fraser's Hill bungalow we stayed in few weeks ago. I'm a flower lover and that's the reason why I open a flower shop with a few partners 7 years ago. This year, the business closed its doors after going through a series of challenges and upheavals. Though I felt sad, I was glad FLUV had happened in my life and the rest will stay as memories.

Have you ever thought about a beauty that even King Solomon could not have
but you can? It is the beauty of the "lilies of the field", that "even
Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these [lilies]"

"If God so clothes the grass of the field...will He not much more clothe you"
Matt 6:29 - 30, NKJV

more updates on the big G

I just came from a publishers' forum and was glad that the team over there was acting at fast speed in response to what was happening to the blogosphere yesterday. I am not disclosing the name of the forum and I should think most publishers who monetize their blogs with pa.id reviews would know what I'm talking about.

I heard that many affiliate and internet marketers had waved the white flag at the BIG guy and personally, I thought they did the right thing. These individuals need all the popularity in PR to gain traffic since they are active in affiliate marketing and private ads placements on their sites. The line drawn here is still very thin and people are wondering why are there double standards at g**gle. Well, I am waiting to see what's going to happen next... we can only guess...

15 November, 2007

blog from YOUR HEART

Today is a black thursday for many bloggers, especially bloggers who monetize their blogs by placing text links and writing paid posts. Now, there is also news about people surrendering to the BIG guy in the internet world.

All I can say to you, my friends, is, if you are one of them who are faced with disappointments and distress over the BIG FAT ZERO, then consider this: If you are a real blogger, one who want to inspire people and touch hearts by your articles, posts, stories, photos, videos and whatever, continue to do it FROM YOUR HEART. If you are really blogging from your heart, page rank won't matter. Your readers will continue to read your blogs, admire you, love you and stand by you...


don't buy techno things overseas

It's about that time that I learn my lesson on not buying electronic or techno stuff overseas. This is because if anything goes wrong with the item, it's hard to send it for repairs. Few months ago, I bought an external hard drive in Singapore and it seemed to be incompatible with my laptop. Perhaps, it's just that piece that is giving me issues but the troublesome thing is, I have to bring it back to the service centre in Singapore to get it check. Next time, I should just buy these things from the local stores.

leading provider of security administration solutions

Since most of us are users of the internet, we cannot take computer security for granted. I have to admit that I have been irritated with lots of junk in my mailbox everyday and some of those mails are luring people to release their personal password information.

All the more should internet and computer security be taken seriously to protect any privacy intrusion from unauthorized sources. Companies like Symark meet the security requirements of sarbanes 404 acts for effectiveness of internal controls for financial reporting purposes. Being a leading provider of security administration solutions for IT platforms, Symark is matched with its expertise and dedicated support towards their business clients.

I found an oooold friend at Facebook! yay!

If the world is large, then I can confidently say that the internet has shrunk it! Oh... why didn't I believe in all the buzz about Facebook earlier, I would have found more long, lost friends!

When I was sixteen, I sang in a church talent's nite with a good friend and we came in fourth, if my memory didnt' fail me. It was a memorable experience! This friend of mine left Singapore to the US to further his studies after completing his college years. During his few years in Singapore, we spent some time together, studying for exams, singing, social activities... oh yes, I had a crush on him then - LOL! Anyways, we lost touch for more than 15 years, I believe.

Lo and behold, I got curious and wanted to try out the 'power' of social media so I started searching for his name in Facebook. I found this name that resembled his and out of curiosity, I took the courage to drop this anonymous person a line, wanting to confirm if this is the friend whom I knew way back in 1986.

Guess what? He wrote back and confirmed that I had found him!! Isn't that great? I found a friend whom I lost touch for more than 15 years!! I can't even find his name on Google - LOL! Anyways, so glad to know that he's settled down happily with 2 beautiful kids and is doing great in his career. This is probably the best surprise I have had this month!

So guys, if you are not on Facebook, why dont' give it a try? BTW, this is not a sponsored post! LOL!

14 November, 2007

wordless wednesday - in his hoodie


get travel help from htoa

Few years ago, we visited Yosemite National Park, which I thought was one of the most beautiful natural parks in the United States. With its abundance of diverse sights, from the impressive granite cliffs, to the spectacular waterfalls, there’s nature at her best everywhere you look.

One of the best known must see features of Yosemite National Park is Glacier Point. This isn’t open year round, but usually between June and November you can guarantee access up to enjoy the magnificent views from the top. We missed that as we were there in April. I read that there are many waterfalls in the park, with Yosemite Falls being the highest at just under 2,500 feet. The best time to see the waterfalls is early summer. Whilst some of the falls are easily accessible; others take more time and effort in order to be able to appreciate their beauty.

If you are planning for a vacation this Christmas and are too busy to organize your own itinerary, you may like to get some help from the travel specialists at htoa. Holiday Travel of America can assist in all your holiday planning and travel plans including a host of land adventures, cruises and land tours. The company also provides B2B solutions by providing incentives and rewards to companies.

shop for your home fitness equipment

How do you regularly stay fit, healthy and flexible? A hale and hearty diet of nutritious fruits and vegetables is the key as well as regular and continuous exercise.

The best exercise is one that you are really and sincerely going to be working out on, be it push-ups, stretches, jumping jacks or the regular jogging or the much tamer walking. However, there are people who prefer to work out using home fitness equipment in their own homes. These days, you can shop for your fitness and medical equipment at the click of the mouse. Allegro Medical may be just the place you like to search for in terms of wide product selections and flexible offerings. You can shop by category, by brand or by health condition, from heart monitor to breastfeeding pillow to blood pressure monitor!

it's all about passion

Speaking of passion, my DH woke up at 3am just to monitor his options trading before the market closes in the US. I'm surprised to see him do that as he's that sort who couldn't even wake up when Clayton was screaming in his first year. So you can see how important passion is, it can change a person quite drastically! I have told him about PowerOption, that allows options traders to filter analyze data in an extensive mode, spanning across 2,900+ optionable stocks and 190,000+ options online. Every options trader can tell you how important these important facts can mean to their bottom line.

the tone of our voice matters

The tone of voice is so important - it can stir up a fight or calm a soul so it's not the words that matter sometimes but the 'tone'. If only some people know this, there'll be more peace and harmony, less misunderstanding and chaos at home, at work or in our social lives....

The tone of your voice matters - talk nicely next time. OK?

13 November, 2007

it's time to explore search engine marketing

Whatever business you are in, non-profit organizations, universities and the government can all benefit from search engine marketing. Businesses that sell products and/or services online can use search engine marketing to help improve their sales figures.

Some of the goals of search engine marketing are to develop a brand, generate media coverage, and enhancing a reputation, and to drive business to a physical location.

If you do not feel confident enough to try your own search engine marketing there are several companies that will be able to help you out for a price. If you decide to go with a search engine placement company take your time and shop around, find a company that really suits your own businesses search engine marketing needs.

12 November, 2007

loving facebook :)

No wonder I'm warned about getting hooked with Facebook... I almost did! I have been asked by a few friends to sign up for an account at Facebook but seriously, I haven't had time to even check out the URL - lol. But after much 'selling' from Dexter, I finally made my first debut at Facebook and now, only now, have I understood why these guys are raving about this growing social media.

Basically, Facebook is like Myspace but less youngish and to me, simpler to navigate and less complicated! I had a Myspace account for a year and I only updated it three times! Facebook looks fun, easy and addictive! I love the add albums feature, wall post, doodle face and the ability to see my good friends, blogging buddies and random friends in my network... ok, it's just my first day... I'm loving it!

Clayton displaying his emotions

Clayton is talking very well these days and what's nice is that I'm beginning to see him display his emotions.. a very warm feeling for me.

This morning, I hurt my finger and screamed aloud from the laundry area. He ran to me and asked, "Mama, is it painful?" I told him, "Yes" and he said, "I sayang" (malay term for 'love')... I handed out my finger to me and he stroke it with such gentleness.

Isn't that sweet?

11 November, 2007

digital picture key chain for proud grandparents

I'm not at all a digital gal here but when I saw this cute digital picture key chain at The Nest Baby Shop, I actually think it is cool! I know most people have camera phones that allow them to take cool photos of their cuties but this handy digital keychain can store and display up to 56 photos! It's probably great to buy this for the proud grandparents since these folks may not be so techie after all. The Nest Baby Shop is one great place to buy baby gifts for baby showers, parties, birthdays, festive season and for no particular reason at all. I actually like the simple header and soothing colours used for the website. Click on the above link to find out more!

10 November, 2007

beauty review: my monave lip glaze

See, I don't put on makeup in the weekdays unless I'm out for a lunch appointment or to meet a client. Having a home office means I've saved time and money on makeup and all. So when the weekends is here, I like to experiment with my mineral makeup palette.

One of my favourites are putting on and mixing lip glosses and colours for the lips. I have some nice lip glosses and glazes from Monave Mineral make up and if you haven't tried mineral makeup, you should. Sharen sent me the mini Mango Glaze and Allure Glaze, both belonging to the family of browns, which happen to be my colour tones. What I like about Monave lip glazes is that they are vegan and give a natural finish. You can wear it on its own for a relaxed weekend and let the bronzer or blusher on your cheeks shine. If you need a little more colour, brush it on top of your lip colour, a light one for the day or a darker shade for the night.

With mineral make up , you can be versatile and experimental. Vegan means it's made without animal by-products, including beeswax and carmine, yet full of sweet shine. Monave has four types of lip products - lip tint, lip gloss, lip glaze and lipstick. According to owner Sharen, "Lip tints give a sheer wash of color to the lips for a natural look. Lip glosses give more color than the tints and they are incredibly long wearing. The lip glazes are the most pigmented of the three and deliver rich colors with incredible shine and moisture."

I can't wait to try out new shades from Monave's lip products selection.

life is more than page rank

No matter what is said or refuted about the loss of PR, it is a lie to say that one is not affected if his/her pr has seen a ditch. We are humans so let's be honest about it. Whether or not your blog or site is used for paid links, paid posts or nothing at all... it still sucks. It's just the level of frustration, that's all. Some cope better, others don't.

I must admit that I have refused to read too much woes, cries, assumptions, analysis, critic about this whole page rank penalizing theory cos' everyone is making conjectures and there isn't much originality in all the posts anyway. This morning, I finally took a FULL read at Link Worth's blog and learned a few things from the long post by Ron (aka Wicko). I enjoyed his article, maybe because we had communicated few occasions on email and I must say I like his stand on things, not just this Google PR thingy. Though I haven't received that many business from LW lately but a peek on the blog each time is enlightening for me still. I'll leave you guys to click on the link to read more, no point for me doing a summary here.

So back to this PR drop thingy... I've stopped making guesses and yes, life still goes on. I'm still seeing greens in my pocket and I'm thankful. No, I won't start new blogs with the hope to get a new reputation from Google but I'll continue to improve my blog content and focus on the many things in life that need my attention.

Life is more than page rank... I'm heading to Hawaii in four weeks' time!

north cyprus for retirement, anyone?

DH and myself was chatting about retirement and mid life crisis. In the past, he was never that sort who would take a 3 weeks holiday but under my influence, things changed - lol! I am that kind who wouldn't settle for a week holiday for destinations outside Asia so he has no choice, has he?

While discussing on retirement countries and destinations, it seems that North Cyprus Property is becoming a popular place for leisure seekers, tourists as well as those who are planning for retirement. Though I don't know much about Cyprus but I've seen pictures of idyllic beaches and serene landscape from travel sites. One thing I know, I would book myself for a Mediterranean cruise if I ever make a trip to North Cyrus.

clayton can read!

Few weeks ago, I found out that Clayton is reading the words on his flash cards and not from the pictures. Initially, I thought it was something to do with familiarity but I was wrong. I started scribbling some words on a piece of paper and I was surprised that he could read in confidence.

I'm not a supermom who wants him to be a superkid but at the rate he is going, I should stimulate him by doing more reading with him. I count this as a blessing. Good to know that he has a good balance of fun, play and reading.

09 November, 2007

a fun-filled family vacation at Orlando

There are many ways to enjoy a fun-filled family vacation where the kids are all excited and mommy and daddy can look forward to a time of relaxation. I haven't come across any kid who doesn't like theme parks, car rides and amusement activities. I look at my three year old and I know this is true!

I have read so much about the many things a family can enjoy at Orlando, Florida. And if you are planning for a vacation in that region, Orlando.com has all the information and resources you need in your vacation planning. Book your orlando hotels, compare accommodations, reserve a rental car and more.

craving for JCo. Donuts

All of us have cravings for certain foods from time to time. Lately, I have a strong cravings for JCo. Donuts since they opened its doors at the Pavilion. See, I'm not so much a donut fan when the ones at JCo. are mouth-watering and yummy.

Couple of Sundays ago, I took Clayton to Pavilion with the main intention of buying some JCo. Donuts. The queue wasn't that bad though I had to wait in line for 20 minutes. And if you had waited for 20 minutes, it wouldn't make sense to buy 3 right? So, I bought half a dozen and another half for my good friends, Dexter and Kim. The variety was great at JCo. Donuts but most of all, they tasted heavenly! Funny that I won't queue for the ones in Singapore but I'd queue for this one!

Last Sunday, I went to Pavilion with the hope to buy some but this time, I was put off by the queue... I wasn't that greedy then. Now that I'm writing about it, the craving is here again :(

for the interest of home owners

It's nice to give our homes some remodelling after some years and for some people, moving into a new home can be exciting as a new environment awaits. But it can be tough finding the right place to get a home loan or home refinancing plan.

Of course you can get a comparison of quotes at sites at ModernLend, which not only provides resources for those looking for home loans but lenders can also list their services on the site. The attraction is, lenders who sign up get 5 free leads and I believe these are targeted leads which have the keen interest in looking for a home loan. This is another channel of advertisers for lenders who need to target more homeowners and mortgage leads in their home financing plans.

08 November, 2007

happy deepavali!

Happy Deepavali! My day started with great excitement as I got Clayton ready to head down to the Jogathon fun fair. DH woke up early in the morning to get himself ready for the 7km jog while I was awaken by the problematic internet line.

By the time we got to the fun fair, the sun was shining and the heat scorching. Unfortunately, the fields at the fun fair were muddy due to the heavy downpour yesterday. Somehow, it wasn't nice to walk on muddy fields when you thought you would be mingling with the crowds and packing around food stalls. And because it was so muddy, my little city boy refused to walk on the fields and the mega inflated balloon didn't even entice him in anyway.

It was funny when I found out that my DH came in last in the jogathon but he was sporting enough to complete the race - good on him! He's now walking like a duck, his legs are aching, muscles are sore... lol. I'm still waiting for the line to be fixed and that is annoying me...

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

we all grow old, don't we?

No matter what beauty treatments you go to, botox, facelift or cosmetic surgery, you can't stop the aging process. Age will catch up with us. In other words, we all grow old one day.

When most of us think about retirement, we think about the traveling and the fun things that we all dream about doing upon retirement. If you are able to opt for early retirement, this could very well be the norm. However, the latter part of these early retirement years may sneak up on you faster than you may think. Most of us will want to wait until the time comes to deal with finding a place to spend our twilight years. The truth is, when the time comes, you may have to start looking for nursing homes where your needs can be cared for.

Nobody likes to be alone. At Better Caring, you can find the right care options, whether it's purchasing a retirement housing or going to a residential care home. The website provides information on how to find the appropriate retirement home for yourself, news and articles as well as, nutritional information to guide you in your elderly years.

sound effects make all the difference

Digital music is needed to help entertain everyone from all around and it just makes life so much more exciting and entertaining, you will hear the sounds in movies, video games, commercials, just everywhere that you go really. Watching a movie without music would be like peanut butter without the jelly or like cereal without the milk, right? Digital music really does make things much more interesting and catches our attention more than many other things in life, there is definitely no doubt about that.

Well, the works of Brice Carrington add life to movies, juice to the story line and create excitement in the viewers. With his creativity, Brice creates the sound effects from scratch and manipulate them to create new character and personality to new sounds for movies and TV clips. To capture the real essence of certain sound effects in movies, Brice frequently travels round the world which also led to the Ultimate FX surround sound library.

server problem - no thanks to tmnet!

It's one of those annoying things. Can't load page, server not responding, slow uploading... arrrggrrhhh! This is worse when I am waiting to quit my browser and go to bed! This seems to be a common problem in the wee hours of the morning, which I can't understand why. No thanks to tm net. Why can't the line be more stable and less problematic when we are paying good money here... arrggrrhhh!

Wordless Wednesday - Badminton

It was his first attempt in badminton. I could see he was having fun with it in the hills.

resource for all home owners

It is common that when a couple decides to tie the knot and start a life together, the next thing that comes will be to buy a house. For a newly wed couple, this can be a big decision given that the major expenses have gone to planning that big day. Thus, it is important to make careful decisions on the financial aspects of owning and buying a home.

For most people, getting a home loan is a necessary step to take but looking for one that offers the best rates and terms can be daunting. ModernLend is a stop where borrowers can find submit their profiles or requirements and find lenders that fit their criteria. It doesn't have to be a home loan but the site is also designed for people looking for home refinance, home purchase loan or home equity loan. What's beneficial is that home owners can get a chance to choose the loan offer and lender after a careful evaluation.

07 November, 2007

the birth of a new social media

If you are a blogger, chances are you have heard of social bookmarking, social media or social networking. These are platforms where people in the web share their stories, articles, videos and photos with others. It's a place where learning takes place and new discoveries are found. Instead of surfing on multiple sites to read stories, social media makes it easier for people to contribute and share knowledge in one place.

I believe this new Social Media site seeks to do the above with more features coming on the way. EarthFrisk is hosting a contest where cash prizes and other awards can be won for those who have the largest network on the platform. Many bloggers and webmasters have used social media as a platform to draw traffic to their sites and the best thing is, it is free to join. So, check out EarthFrisk and discover how you can take home some attractive prizes!

06 November, 2007

checking on work desks

We are fortunate to be surrounded by many good schools and education centres for children. Just five minutes from our house is a new private school with an international accreditation and reputation. Though we are not super moms and dads, we do believe that a conducive environment is important for growing children. As parents, we examine schools based on the facilities, amenities, quality of the teachers, school curriculum and overall performance of the school. It's nice to see that good schools are using high quality computer and working desks for children, to ensure good ergonomic support and maximum comfort.

This is why we are also checking out of good working desk for our little boy. Since I was on the website of Versa Tables, which manufactures computer furniture including computer carts, tables, workstations, LAN Racks and more, I also took time to look at the computer chairs and accessories. For those looking for LAN Racks, you will be spoiled with choices with various designs and sizes, whichever that is appropriate for your use.

what furniture to choose for your home

Everyone of us have our own preference in style and design when it comes to choosing home furniture. Some of us may prefer oak, some maple while some love the durability and luxury finish of teak garden furniture.

Teak is a very precious wood and outdoor furnishings for your patio can be very expensive. The beauty and the durability makes teak wood a real collectors item when found. Teak furnishings often last over many centuries and known in the antique world as quite a find. With the convenience of online shopping, you can find your teak furniture at sites like Teakwood Patio Furniture who not only carries a wide selection of teak chairs and teak benches but teak loungers, teak tables and other accessories. Before choosing what type of furniture to buy for your home, ask yourself where do you intend to display the furniture. If it's for patio, teak benches would be most ideal since they can withstand adverse weather conditions of rain and shine.

fun moments at fraser's hill

One of the frustrating things during an outing or a trip is when your digital camera runs out of battery. This happened during our last Fraser's Hill trip but thank God my good friend, Dexter, had his with him too. Here were some shots he took of Clayton and the fun moments captured during the trip...

Our first night at Sri Damai

My boy posing in comfort for Dexter

Our bungalow, Sri Damai

waiting for his turn to play badminton with Uncle Dexter

Clayton and Auntie Kim

we need new computer furniture

I've been complaining about my shoulder aches in the last few years. I bought cushion for my office chair but that didn't help. Then I thought I could put a resting foot stool for my feet and that didn't help either. Guess it's time that we look at a couple of new computer furniture for our home office. Come to think about it, we spend more time in our office then in our bedroom so we definitely deserve a good set of school computer furniture for our office. The computer tables at Versa Tables present lots of designs and options for offices and classrooms. From a look at the website, this seems the place to find all kinds of computer furniture made with the highest quality materials.

With this reorganizing plan in the pipeline, we need to start our shopping and hopefully get the office rearranged before our December vacation. Like I always say, so much to do but so little time!

the new isuzu extended cab

When Mitsubishi Storm first hit the market few years ago, I was one of those who celebrated the modernity of pick up vehicles. How cool was that! But since, there were many contemporary designs for extended cab, including Isuzu, which impressed many automobile fans with its stylish extended cab design. Well, it's no longer about functionality these days when it comes to vehicles, but the aesthetics seems to top it all. But the Isuzu is not just about aesthetics but it delivers equally as far as functionality is concerned. According to reviews, the Isuzu crew cab has received much positive remarks than its other competing makes. It's revered for its comfort, convenience, design, spaciousness and usability. Anyone seen it?

bouts of change in recreation

As far as I could remember, my childhood was a simple one. My brother and myself were ordinary kids who enjoyed playing with our neighbours and we spent alot of time playing outdoor activities. Sometimes, we would sit down for board games and if I could recall clearly, we used to play backgammon together.

But with the bouts of change in lifestyle and technology advancement, a simple childhood game like backgammon is no longer what it used to be. These days, people play backgammon for money. Even now, people can learn how to play Backgammon online at dedicated portal. A site like 1 on 1 backgammon teaches backgammon rules and instructions and even presents related articles and news. For me, I still won't play this game for money. It was a recreational activity I used to enjoy and those were memories that will stay with me for the longest time.

05 November, 2007

savour art and culture in Edinburgh

Though I've never set foot in Edinburgh, I have seen the vibrant and colourful culture of this artistic city. Blessed with a host of museums, art galleries and theatres, this is one place that is favoured by those who adore arts and entertainment. As for me, I would love to explore the Museum of Scotland and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art if given a chance to visit Edinburgh. If you are planning to head this way and have no idea what Edinburgh Hotels to choose from, the Edinburgh accommodation overview at Cheaperthanhotels may serve as a good start. You can find out which hotels to choose from, ranging from one star to five stars.

Someone has told me that Manchester is also a great place to savour Great Britain's art and cultural scene. The Cornerhouse is highly recommended for those who are looking for contemporary art, sculpture and photography. And if that's not enough, The Lowry at Salford Quays may satisfy your hunger for contemporary masterpieces. Manchester accommodation are affordable and you can get a five-star city hotel stay for only GBP 109 a night when you grab a last minute deal at Cheaperthanhotels. So who says luxury hotel stays have to be costly?

a passion in options trading

There is something I truly admire in my hubby. He's one person who never gives up on his dreams, no matter how many times he falls. He often tells me that determination and passion are essential ingredients to realizing a dream. And I can see that his persistence is paying off lately.

In 2004, he attended an options trading workshop conducted by a team of US entrepreneurs and since, his learning journey in options began. Now, to those of you who think options trading is quick money - No, it isn't. DH used to think that it was but he was wrong and paid heavily for his lessons. After struggling for a few years and losing some money in the options market, he resorted to paper trading for two years. Paper trading is 'real trading' with no real money involved.

To cut the whole story short, he finally had a breakthrough few months ago and started to make 'real' money in options trading. He often shares with me about iron condor and some trade stories but I can only listen with lots of doubts. I mean how does he expects me to understand iron condors when I know nuts about condor and spreads? But whenever I come to know about any interesting sites on options trading, I'll share that with him. In fact, I just told him about Condor Options the other day and he signed up for the newsletter immediately. That's what I mean by having a passion in what you do.

so little qualified opps

I haven't been checking all the opportunities in PPP for a long time. I mean, why bother, since I cannot post in most of them. So usually, I'll choose the 'qualified opps' instead. But this morning, I got curious after realizing that the number of qualified opps available to me were only 7. I checked and realized that there were 133 opps in total to my surprise, there are so many opps looking for pr5 and pr6. Don't advertisers realize that it's almost not impossible to find a pr6 ppp postie now? Those bloggers with pr6 are not interesting in paid posts. I mean, why should they since their blogs are worth a lot more with text links advertisers.

Well, I think these ambitious advertisers may have to see their opps rotting. Worse still, some are asking for pr5 when they are only willing to pay $10. Errr... maybe they should check the market rates first.

online learning becoming popular

It was a lovely surprise to meet my good friends, who were back from Bangkok for a short trip. Liz had been away in Bangkok for more than a year after her husband got posted to take over a department in a foreign bank. Being someone who couldn't sit around and do nothing, she took up a distance learning course to keep her mind active. I thought that was a good idea.

Distance learning or online learning has become very popular over the last few years due to its sheer convenience and flexibility for those who need the extra freedom and versatility. This also explains why capella university is growing in its student database with the online degree programs. Courses conducted in Capella include business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology and the online Uni currently has more than 20,000 students from all 50 states and 56 countries, and still growing.

what a real treat for clayton!

This weekend is 'home alone' for Clayton and me. DH has gone to Ipoh and we have the whole house and car to ourselves! Yesterday was good fun for Clayton at Ikano. There was a Singapore tourism fair at the mall and they had a free train ride at the exhibition which became the main draw. For the 1st time, Clayton went up and town the train for a dozen times! Usually, he's only allowed once on those paid rides but since this one was free, we let him played as many times as he wanted. But I had to say the train ride was real fun for kids, I could see many happy children and adults at the fair. That was a real treat for my boy...

04 November, 2007

anybody like to visit Paris?

If you're looking for destinations in Europe, Paris should be near the top of the list. Like any trip, be sure to plan ahead. I was told that September is the busiest month for tourism in Paris, so book your hotel room well in advance.

Upon arrival, there are a couple of important sites which you wouldn't want to miss.

First, the Eiffel Tower. Hated when it was built as an ugly monstrosity, it's now one of the most famous landmarks in the world. There are four lines to get onto the tower, so look for the shortest one. Don't be afraid to haggle over souvenirs underneath it, and make sure to go to the top of the tower at least once.

Second, thanks to Victor Hugo (and Disney's) famous Hunchback, don't miss Notre Dame Cathedral, where Napoleon took the crown out of the Pope's hands and crowned himself. If you don't mind a bit of a wait and a climb up 386 stairs, the view from the bell tower is worth it.

When it comes to accomodation in Paris, it is wise of you to search and compare in the web while deciding where you would like to be based. You can check out Paris accomodation at Cheaperthanhotels dot com since the site is known for its fabulous deals all year round, with other specials from time to time. Usually, you may like to find accommodations near the places of interest if you can afford. Otherwise, you may like to stay at suburb areas and consider traveling around with a rental car.

03 November, 2007

skin food by Astara


When I saw the photo of Sunny Griffin taken on her 65th birthday, I couldn't believe what I was looking. For a moment, I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me. This lady has such great skin at her age and this makes me want to find out more about this professional organic skincare range created by her ten years ago.

Astara Biogenic Skincare is founded on the principles that the body is able to heal itself if given the right nourishment and optimum care. Having beautiful and youthful skin is linked with eating the right foods, a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.

be rewarded when you shop online

I often hear people telling me that it is not safe to buy things online but little do these individuals know that online shopping security has improved over the years. In fact, it is common to receive special deals and discounts when shopping online, thanks to competition in the web. Besides saving with coupon codes and promotional coupons, online marketing companies like webloyalty helps to spruce up the profits of online merchants by offering special rewards and bonuses each time a customer makes any purchase. This helps to encourage loyalty and bring back repeat customers to the stores. It's all about being innovation and unique these days to stand out in the web!

how to travel 'light' and on a budget

Most people mistakenly think that you need a lot of money to travel, or that vacations are simply too expensive and lavish. This is a good example of a wrongful assumption. Traveling ‘light’ so to speak, with limited cash, combined with a positive attitude and a deep personal commitment, persistence and resourcefulness is possible - with proper and careful planning, of course.

Simply put, planning pays and travel budgets save money. Taking the extra time to review sources at your disposal prior to, during and after your trip encourages a hands-on, pro-active approach to traveling and vacationing in general. These days, you can search through free vacation rental listings where owners can list their properties on the web. You may be searching for a Telluride vacation rental or California condo for your family and the free condo rental listings will provide some ideas for you.

Most of us want to focus on having a good time and ensuring that a couple of the smaller details are taken care of. Taking advantage of saving opportunities and discounts, limited offers and utilizing tips and tricks from frequent travelers seem to be the keys to travel success.

02 November, 2007

should I take DH's advice?

When I told DH that I would like a pair of brown sunglass, he raised his eyebrows of disinterest. I guessed he must be thinking, "Why did these ladies want so many pairs of sunglasses for?" Then he suggested that I should check out the discount sunglasses at the cart stores in the mall instead of buying another pair of expensive, branded ones.

Well, I must agree with him that sunglasses at the cart stores these days are stylish, attractive and affordable. I used to think that these wholesale discount sunglasses are only meant for those who are on a shoestring budget but actually it is no longer thought in this manner now. Due to the trendy lines that replicate so closely to the leading brands like Prada and Gucci, many people are buying these sunglasses for their design and price. Maybe I should take DH's advice this time... I can imagine the delight on his face when I tell him I'm taking his advice!

exploring on expired domains in internet marketing

With the aid of the Internet, you can have almost everything right at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you get access to thousands and even millions of pieces of information and data on virtually any field of interest. Experts say that the information space, commonly known as the world wide web, grows by over a million pages everyday as more and more people utilize the Internet for information, education, entertainment, business and other personal reasons.

It doesn't take a business-oriented individual to realize that this phenomenon can bring about sky-high financial gains. The Internet's fast-growing popularity in the recent years is surely an opportunity for business that any entrepreneur would not want to miss. If this is what you embrace, then you may want to explore on internet marketing opportunities through expired domains. Everyday, there are heaps of domains expiring and you can now search for them at Deleted Live. You can search based on keywords in a domain, page rank, find out the WHOis data, Google backlinks to the domains and more. Basically, Deleted Live provides valuable information of expired domain name lists of page rank 1 - 7 with many articles to explain how you can profit from expired domains.

deal with debts wisely

Something shocking took place in our neighbourhood recently. The neighbour who lives few doors away from us must have gotten into bad debts with illegal creditors and as a result of that, his house was sprayed with graffiti one morning. After what happened, the family moved out of the house and since, we had not seen them.

Well, the truth is, ignoring a debt problem is only going to create more unimaginable problems down the road, which will not be so pleasant. Any debts that go unpaid for very long will eventually all catch up to you and because of waiting as you did, your credit rating, as well as your good responsible standing with some creditors, will just be completely ruined.

Nobody wants to think about losing all of their precious possessions but if you continue ignoring your debt condition, it could happen to you. You may want to compare and find out which companies can offer you the best deals in loan and credit card application for your bad credit history. This may avoid incurring high interest rates charged by some companies.

cheap tailoring at Shanghai

DH has been busy uploading all our family videos to our new zealand website. I took the opportunity to reminisce the good times we had in Shanghai, New Zealand and Perth and the Shanghai was special cos we traveled with our good friends, David and Tracy. Both Tracy and myself went crazy with buying accessories and pearl necklace in the pearl center. I bought a couple and was tempted to buy the premium ones, which I didn't at the end. Shanghai is a nice city to visit for food and cheap tailoring. We went to the tailor's market and ended up spending a full day there! DH tailored more than a dozen shirts and pants and so did Tracy, David and myself! Oh yes, if I ever visit Shanghai again, it will be for food and cheap tailoring... really cheap lah!

01 November, 2007

my beeeautiful makeup kit has arrived!

I was so delighted to receive a beeeautiful mineral makeup kit yesterday when the Fedex man rang the doorbell. In fact, DH picked up the parcel and tricked me that it was for him. Lo and behold, it was this beeeeautiful kit, compliments of this fabulous mineral makeup store from the US. I will be reviewing the products in a few days' time - let me try out the makeup for a few days first :P Another mineral makeup review coming up soon!

check on your kids' ceramic clays

Even at three years old, Clayton likes to put his fingers in the mouth, bite his cars, toys and anything he gets his hands on and it annoys me when he does that. I always ensure that he washes his hands when he comes back from school or when he's done with any outdoor activities. And because he likes to put things in his mouth, I am careful about the safety of his toys especially modeling clays. He enjoys kneading and sculpting though he usually makes a mess of everything. But that's ok for me cos that's how children learn - they learn through play!

A word of advice to parents out there when buying arts and crafts materials for your kids. Take time to check on the product quality and make sure it doesn't contain lead as lead is linked to a host of health problems including learning and developmental problems in a child. Check out the wide selection of ceramic clays and other modelling materials at Amercian Art Clay who is the industry leader in children's ceramic products and materials. Kneading a slab of clay together with your child is a great way to foster closeness and promote bonding with your child. Just make sure they are toxic-free!

apartment finder goes online

How nice if the internet was this sophisticated ten years ago! If it was so, I wouldn't have to spend weeks searching for a student accommodation during my postgraduate years. I was thankful to rent a room from a nice retired couple after the recommendation of a friend but for some of my classmates, they had to wait for weeks to get a rented apartment of their desire.

Whether you plan to relocate or looking for apartments for rent on short or long term basis in a new city, check out apartmentfinder dot com where your searches can be done in various ways. Search by college, military base or address, otherwise, enter your keywords, apartment name, zipcode or location and the results will presented within seconds before you! Apartment Finder is a familiar and trusted publication that individuals look for when they are in need of renting an apartment so you can expect that the online version of it will continue to deliver credible results and features to its customers. Searches can be determined by your budget for the apartment which helps to present more accurate results for your apartment search. What's helpful is that the apartments are further shown in a local area map to indicate the exact location and proximity of each apartment. This is definitely ideal especially for those who may not be familiar with the city at all.

anyone been to Auckland?

Whenever someone talks about Auckland New Zealand, I'll have so much to share. This is because our family spent 28 days traveling in both the north and south islands of New Zealand in 2005. It was an awesome and memorable experience of a lifetime. Though we couldn't do everything we wanted with a one year old boy, we did good with some extreme adventures and family friendly activities.

For those of you who love badminton, you may like to take this opportunity to visit Auckland and attend the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007! Oops, but you only have 4 more days to catch this exciting event. But nature and flower lovers would enjoy the Parnell Festival of Roses and Ellerslie International Flower Show. Parnell is a great place to enjoy a nice afternoon lunch or a fine dinner by one of the popular restaurants. When it comes to Auckland Hotels, you should take time to search and compare prices on the web. As for us, we prefer to stay in an apartment for our Auckland accommodation since I needed a kitchen to prepare food for Clayton then. Otherwise, you can choose from a wide selection of city hotels in Auckland or if you prefer, stay near the suburbs for a little quietness and unique difference.

Auckland is a nice city that I hope to visit again in the near future. Have you been there too?

i'll love to sell at the flea market someday

I always hope to get into the retail business since my early adult years. This wish eventually came true but it didn't last for too long as I was leaving Singapore for a new job opportunity. Actually, I would love to set up a store in the flea market someday, if I get the chance to do so. It is quite fun meeting people and getting into the excitement of selling in a crowded place.

I was told that selling replica sunglasses can make good money, no wonder I saw many stalls at the flea market selling those gorgeous shades. I believe these vendors have gotten the wholesale sunglasses at pretty attractive prices which make them lucrative when sold at a higher price. Most of these sunglasses come in designs that resemble the big brands in the fashion marketplace. These sunglasses are great for people who are not brand conscious since they are affordable yet do not compromise on the design.