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02 November, 2007

should I take DH's advice?

When I told DH that I would like a pair of brown sunglass, he raised his eyebrows of disinterest. I guessed he must be thinking, "Why did these ladies want so many pairs of sunglasses for?" Then he suggested that I should check out the discount sunglasses at the cart stores in the mall instead of buying another pair of expensive, branded ones.

Well, I must agree with him that sunglasses at the cart stores these days are stylish, attractive and affordable. I used to think that these wholesale discount sunglasses are only meant for those who are on a shoestring budget but actually it is no longer thought in this manner now. Due to the trendy lines that replicate so closely to the leading brands like Prada and Gucci, many people are buying these sunglasses for their design and price. Maybe I should take DH's advice this time... I can imagine the delight on his face when I tell him I'm taking his advice!

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samira said...

Well, tough call for a woman ;)... no matter how you decide, you definitely should pay attention to the quality of uv protection the cheaper ones offer - experience shows that there really are differences...