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30 June, 2009

Work at Home Mommy on Parenting

Oh... has it been so long that I've been missing from this blog. Blame it on my niche sites, migration research, parenting, pilates classes, family obligations....:) It's hard to find much free time even though I'm a work at home mommy. It's been fun!

Last weekend, I attended a half day Creative Maths workshop. The speaker was sharing about creative parenting and encouraging creativity in children. It was very inspiring and educational. Sometimes we try hard to fit our kids into the educational system and when they don't, we get frustrated. We get discouraged and even thought about quitting on them.

Most school systems only test children in their academics but not on their other abilities. As such, we use academics as a yardstick to measure our children's intelligence and abilities. It takes courage, time, patience and wisdom to uncover the potential and talent in our children. And if no one pays attention to them, no one will.

For a work at home mommy, I have the privilege to spend more time with my boy but still, I can miss his other abilities if I focus only on his academic achievements. Besides, it is so important for us parents to believe in our children. Dr James Dobson had uttered so clearly in his books that it is getting harder to parent our kids in today's media age. It is our responsibility to guide them, help and encourage them in this merciless and cold world.

I'm not an expert in parenting but I strive to do my best as a work at home mommy.

17 June, 2009

The Flexibility of Time Of a Work at Home Mom

The cool thing about working at home is that you have full control of your time. In a sense, it may be limited by the list of things you need to accomplish especially if you are a mom or dad. But what's different is that you are the manager of your time.

Looking back, I have accomplished much this year since the start of 2009. Taking up Pilates is one good decision and after a few months of Stott Pilates, I'm now learning Polestar Pilates with Nubody and loving it. Pilates has certainly taught me how to breathe better and my core muscles are definitely stronger. I just didn't know that there is so much to learn in Pilates and the upcoming Polestar Pilates conference in Singapore will be a great eye opener for me. Some people have opted Pilates as a weight loss exercise while others choose pills and diet to shed the extra pounds. The internet presents lots of information of weight loss options from nuphedra reviews to pilates videos to workout your body.

Being a work at home mom, time management is important so that my productivity levels are kept high before my son comes home from school! So I'll schedule all my personal activities early in the day so that I have more time for my home business.

With more than a dozen niche sites hanging around my neck, I'm hoping to start more niche topics in the next half of the year. This task wouldn't be possible if I'm not a work at home mom cos it takes time to build these niche sites including backlinking and seo work. I also hope to create more affiliate stores later on to increase my affiliate income for the home business. Yes, it's hard work and no one says it's going to be easy.

12 June, 2009

Work At Home Mom and Pilates

Once again, I'm thankful to be a work at home mom as the haze is back in our city. It's irritating my nose and it sure isn't doing a big favor to my rhinitis.

With this bad air quality, it's better to restrict outdoor activities and this is so tough for an active preschooler. It was good to take him out of here for a few days or else it would be crazy for us in the home office.

After four lessons of Polestar Pilates, I am learning so much more and I'm contemplating on the Polestar Pilates conference to be held in Singapore on 18-19 July. I believe it will be an eye opener for me as many Polestar Pilates experts will be there to teach and share the different aspects of the discipline. Then I found out that it is clashing with Clayton's first sports day in Juara Cerdik and I'm not willing to forego the excitement on that day. It would mean a great deal to him when I'm there since it's a school activity. It's all down to priorities again. If you want to learn more about Pilates fitness, visit WinsorPilatesFitness for more information.

Pilates is such a great fitness workout. If you are conscientious in the exercise, you won't need to worry about diet pills unless you are truly overweight. I would then suggest that you consult a physician to help you with your weight loss problems.

On the home office front, it's back to more SEO for my niche sites and working hard to increase my affiliate sales and adsense. Being a work at home mom keeps me very busy and at the back of my mind, I'm counting down to our move to brissie. I seriously need to move on...

10 June, 2009

Time for Vacations for Work at Home Moms

We are into the second week of the school holidays - how are all the work at home moms doing with their busy kiddies in the home?

I took Clayton for a few days' break to Singapore. It was good being home again... it always feels good to be back in Singapore. Amidst the busy cityscape, I feel safe, liberated and refreshed! I had my haircut, visited Uniqlo and had my sandwiches at my regular hangout. Clayton too had a great time a Garage @ Adventures and i could see that he really miss Singapore too :)

It was hard to spot any recession when Orchard was packed with people everywhere. I wasn't too impressed with the Great Singapore Sale until yesterday when I stepped into OnPedder and Phyto Organics. I got my first pair of Repetto Ballerina and a pair of Giuseppi Zanotti wedge pumps. It was a good deal and it looked like I won't be buying anymore shoes for the rest of the year cos I had reached my yearly quota for shoes!

Fans of Lavera and Organic Surge products, head to Phyto Organics at Raffles City Shopping Mall cos there is a storewide sale of 70%! Though all the products are close to expiry, they are safe to use cos organic products normally have a shorter shelf life listed. I bought a few Lavera body oils and creams and was very happy with the discounts. Phyto Organics is moving out of Raffles City and in the future, you would need to visit their office at Stamford House if you need to buy anything.

Not sure what some work at home moms are doing this summer. Some popular family breakaways include Vegas vacations or disney holidays. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy yourself with your family and the children and be refreshed!

04 June, 2009

Busy weeks for Mommies Who Work From Home

It's school holidays again and that means another busier two weeks for mommies who work from home. It also means that some moms will find it hard to earn money from home since they need to spend more time keeping little missies and misters busy and happy.

Last Friday, Clayton's school had a mid year school party and with the theme of Noah's Ark, every child needs to be dressed in an animal of their choice. I didn't sort of take it that seriously until thursday and had to call a friend for ideas and advices. I'm not an expert in kids' costumes!

With her suggestions, DH and me made Clayton a bee attire - that was probably the easiest to do! I managed to find a yellow t-shirt in his dresser and used that as his bee suit. Using black duct tape and a few simple accessories, his costume for the school party was ready!

I had to thank DH for suggesting that we DIY instead of renting an animal costume. It was fun doing things together as a family and these little crafts were so meaningful. We have been so engrossed with working from home that this sort of break is good to break the monotony.

The school party ended well and we took a short 2 nights break in Genting Highlands with my family from Singapore on Sunday. Genting was never my favourite holiday destination but it was the company that made the trip very nice and special. The work at home mom and dad spent two afternoons in the indoor theme park and watched the kids bumping each other on the bumper car. I was glad to catch up with my loved ones too. It's been a long time since we visited Genting after our last sales training some time ago.

Now that we are back in the office, I need to do more balancing act with my earn money from home projects and spending time with Clayton. I'm looking forward to spending a few days in Singapore and having some personal time as Clayton enjoys himself in Garage Adventure.