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17 June, 2009

The Flexibility of Time Of a Work at Home Mom

The cool thing about working at home is that you have full control of your time. In a sense, it may be limited by the list of things you need to accomplish especially if you are a mom or dad. But what's different is that you are the manager of your time.

Looking back, I have accomplished much this year since the start of 2009. Taking up Pilates is one good decision and after a few months of Stott Pilates, I'm now learning Polestar Pilates with Nubody and loving it. Pilates has certainly taught me how to breathe better and my core muscles are definitely stronger. I just didn't know that there is so much to learn in Pilates and the upcoming Polestar Pilates conference in Singapore will be a great eye opener for me. Some people have opted Pilates as a weight loss exercise while others choose pills and diet to shed the extra pounds. The internet presents lots of information of weight loss options from nuphedra reviews to pilates videos to workout your body.

Being a work at home mom, time management is important so that my productivity levels are kept high before my son comes home from school! So I'll schedule all my personal activities early in the day so that I have more time for my home business.

With more than a dozen niche sites hanging around my neck, I'm hoping to start more niche topics in the next half of the year. This task wouldn't be possible if I'm not a work at home mom cos it takes time to build these niche sites including backlinking and seo work. I also hope to create more affiliate stores later on to increase my affiliate income for the home business. Yes, it's hard work and no one says it's going to be easy.

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