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12 June, 2009

Work At Home Mom and Pilates

Once again, I'm thankful to be a work at home mom as the haze is back in our city. It's irritating my nose and it sure isn't doing a big favor to my rhinitis.

With this bad air quality, it's better to restrict outdoor activities and this is so tough for an active preschooler. It was good to take him out of here for a few days or else it would be crazy for us in the home office.

After four lessons of Polestar Pilates, I am learning so much more and I'm contemplating on the Polestar Pilates conference to be held in Singapore on 18-19 July. I believe it will be an eye opener for me as many Polestar Pilates experts will be there to teach and share the different aspects of the discipline. Then I found out that it is clashing with Clayton's first sports day in Juara Cerdik and I'm not willing to forego the excitement on that day. It would mean a great deal to him when I'm there since it's a school activity. It's all down to priorities again. If you want to learn more about Pilates fitness, visit WinsorPilatesFitness for more information.

Pilates is such a great fitness workout. If you are conscientious in the exercise, you won't need to worry about diet pills unless you are truly overweight. I would then suggest that you consult a physician to help you with your weight loss problems.

On the home office front, it's back to more SEO for my niche sites and working hard to increase my affiliate sales and adsense. Being a work at home mom keeps me very busy and at the back of my mind, I'm counting down to our move to brissie. I seriously need to move on...

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