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30 September, 2007

teak furniture best for patio

I used to own a flower shop and it felt a little sad when we had to close it recently. Looking back, I had the chance to do a home party for an expat in a high end district in Singapore. Together with our floral stylist then, we were there to decorate the huge bungalow with flowers, plants and party sets. That was a nice experience.

The house had a big pool and large patio area which made it such a great place to pack with lustrous greens and colourful blooms for the party. The only thing missing was a nice set of teak garden furniture. For a luxurious house like that, there should be a few teak chairs and nice looking teak benches instead of some cheap pool loungers. I would expect the owner to pick furniture that are long lasting like teak wood ones since they would be exposed to the sun and winds most of the time. If you have a house with space for a patio, don't settle for less though. Teak wood furniture is made affordable at Teak Wood Patio furniture online store that provides a full collection of teak furniture of all styles and designs for your homes.

importance of health insurance

I can't stress the importance of this but health insurance coverage is very important because it gives one the security that should anything happen to you, your family would not need to worry. Health insurance coverage usually includes medication, consultations with doctors, hospitalization and hospital stays. Some health insurance coverage even include diagnostic and treatment procedures costs. Health insurance coverage gives one peace of mind. If you have health insurance coverage and become sick, you can relax and worry less knowing that your health insurance coverage will take care of the cost.

But there are some who simply find some health insurance plans to be costly and beyond their budget. So if you need inexpensive health insurance, you can get your cheap health insurance quote from Quotesphere. By submitting your details, you can get a list of cheap health insurance quotes from various health insurance providers and you can decide which is suits you best.

got a new pair of glasses for good reason

OK, I'm supposed to restrain from all shopping until I leave for my US vacation in December. I'm doing fine with this personal 'promise' - so far so good. But I broke the rules a little yesterday but I had a good reason for it! I found out my glasses prescription had been reduced so I had to get a new pair of glasses, so I did. This time, I didn't choose any of those expensive designer ones (LOL), not because I didn't want to but I didn't find anything that took my fancy. So I settled for a cheap titanium Japanese one called 'Chocolate'. I was happy with myself that it was among some of my cheaper glasses. No picture yet though, I'm collecting it today :P

when you need to know about debt relief and credit card consolidation

Isn't it common for us to pull out our credit card for all our shopping purchases these days? Many people are so used to doing this that they can forget the amount of charges they have accumulated on their credit cards thus leading to debts and financial woes. This can land the person with loads of debts as interests pile up.

Indeed, paying off credit card debt may take a long time especially if the person has high interest rates. But, it doesn't mean that you can do nothing about efficient management of credit card debt. When you find yourself overwhelmed with credit card debt, don't fall into a pit of depression. You can get through it with discipline and a change in spending patterns. Start eliminating problems with credit card debt by getting tips and techniques on how to pay off your balances easier, how credit card consolidation, look for free debt relief consultation agencies that can help you, and try to rediscover ways on how you can regain your financial freedom by reducing you credit card debt.

check out burt's bees and california baby

Not sure if anyone is keen to order natural and organic baby products online. If you do, and you live in Singapore, Malaysia or around this region, check out Whoopeekiddies.com

I had just received a load of products from them, mostly my favourites from Burt's Bees and California Baby except a new one from Orjene Organics. If you are new to Burt's Bees and California Baby products, do find out more about their range of products from their respective websites as these are great for children or adults with skin sensitivities.


29 September, 2007

used cars resource at your fingertips

When I was doing my postgraduate in Perth ten years ago, I did home stay with a lovely retired Australian couple. Taking a break from work for that year was one of the best decisions I had made in my life. What I really wanted at that time was to get an used car since it would be more convenient to drive to Uni than taking the bus. From where I lived, I needed to take 2 buses which took 30 minutes in traveling time and walked a further 20 minutes before reaching my campus. But if I drive, the journey would be less than 10 minutes. So imagine the time I could save if I had a car then.

How nice if the internet was so advanced at that time, if there was a site like AutoGuide.com which could provide me the platform to search for used cars. I could choose the brand I wanted, state my budget, select the style and the search features would bring me to the used cars that fit my criteria. You can even read reviews and feedback of the used cars by real drivers which help you to make better decision before selecting the right used car to purchase. This is one useful resource for anyone thinking of buying used cars.

28 September, 2007

plasma televisions high in demand

Eversince Clayton came along, I hardly watched TV like in those days. I have forsook my favourite CSI series, Amercian Idol and even my travel programs. But every now and then, I'll still relax over a DVD with DH who still enjoys his daily programs. That's the reason why he can never not stop at a Plasma TV promotion in electrical shops or road shows. I know he still likes to get one for the house. These days, plasma televisions have become some of the most demanded types of televisions ever to hit the market. Various big manufacturers such as LG Phillips, Sony, Westinghouse Digital, Samsung, Sharp Corporation, and others have competitively introduced their own versions and developments of plasma televisions.

If you do have plasma television at home, I'm sure you may be keen to check out quality plasma lcd wall mount brackets by Dekomount. This is one name that stresses on quality and safety. As the online store is new, be prepared to see some features of plasma and LCD wall brackets and accessories from them.

bought my California Pak luggages

I finally bought my luggages for our Hawaii and US trip. After spending half hour looking around, I was still setting my eyes on Samsonite, this is the brand name that everyone knows and it's also known for its exorbitant pricing too. I do believe in buying a reliable and durable one, which usually doesn't fall within the bargain section. But to pay for $666 for a cabin size polyester luggage, I felt a pinch. So, I finally let go of my dream luggage and bought a California Pak, which looks nice and tough enough. I ended up with two - one big and one cabin one. The salesgirl was so clever to upsell me another one by offering a 30% instead of the usual 20%. Since I needed both, I took up her offer.

So, I decided not to go branded this time :)

do you have home insurance for your house?

I would like to assume that those of us who own and live in our own homes has a home insurance policy. If you don't, then it's time to look for one. While most home insurance plans cover the major incidents like theft and fire, how many can cover your travel, structure of buildings, personal possessions and even your caravan. This sounds like a good deal but that's not the end. At Cooperative Insurance, you receive a further 10% discount when you buy your home insurance online. Other perks include free legal advice and free legal expenses insurance of up to £50,000. You can even save on electricity bills to Ecotricity. Most importantly, your claims can be approved fast which denotes the service you received from the bank.

mommies and their darlings

My good friend cum blogging buddy, Bro Bok Jae posted an interesting topic on mommies and their darlings... and I got the notice cos my little boy is in the post lah :) That is a nice post of mommy bloggers and their precious ones and it is nice of Bok Jae to highlight that - Bro Bok Jae started his blogging stint since last Christmas and his blog is growing in popularity so do drop by and read his inspiring stories!

look out for my bag review!

I've been road testing a designer bag in the last week. I thought it would be fair to really try it, use it before reviewing it. It's a lovely bag that is very different from what I had in my collection but I am liking it more and more! Somehow, the design of it compels me to dress up a little. LIke to know what bag it is - look out for my review!

27 September, 2007

epazz facilitates work flow

In less than 3 months' time, the year will come to an end and we'll be ushering into a new year again. DH and myself had a brief discussion our company's plans for the New Year and it looks like we will be exploring on some partnership opportunities with another event company. Since we work from home and the other potential partner has a physical office, we will be communication remotely most of the time. By then, we should look into a content management software that the staff can organize, design and manage website data with ease and convenience. A software like epazz can possibly help to facilitate the work flow of this new partnership as registered users can log in and access their personal schedule page anywhere, anytime. This personal page can check and schedule appointments, staff members can respond and communicate via the system, manage projects and customize all features to their needs.

To find out more about how epazz can work seamlessly in your organization, check out the flash demo or get a 30 day free trial.

keeping Clayton occupied in the coach

Whenever we are on our bus trip back to Singapore, I have to keep Clayton occupied with activities and exciting things - his favourite foods, capturing him on video, flash cards, books and light toys. I'm glad that he's overall a good traveler except that he's not toilet trained so it can get messy when he poos or pees. But other than that, we enjoy our times in the coach back to Singapore. Some people wonder how I handle a luggage, a stroller and a boy... ehhh, I don't know - I just managed lah! Don't expect anyone to help you hor, most people don't bother, not even taxi drivers in Singapore - how disappointing. But I always tell myself that it's just a manner of minutes that I need to get him into the taxi and once we get home, all troubles are forgotten.

I'm a traveling mom ;)

no gambling links for my multiple niche blogs

Lately, I received some offers from companies who expressed interests in placing links of gambling sites on my multiple niche blogs. While the opportunity may be enticing, it is my conviction not to place gambling-related text links on my blogs, especially the hard core ones. My dad was a gambler and I watched how he destroyed his own career and family life with his gambling habits so I'm not keen at all to watch another person suffer from that. Some people start multiple niche blogs for this reason and I have no right to comment. But as fas as I concerned, my conviction towards this stays.

26 September, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - He loves water!

potty training tips - anyone?

I had a super duper busy and messy day. This week, Clayton has started potty training at school. He messed up 2 days and yesterday was fine, today was the worse. I had to spend half hour washing his soiled clothes and shoes and just when I thought that I could rest, I saw a puddle on the floor. I talked to him, reminded him about the bathroom and potty but half hour later, there was another puddle. I was mad. I had to cleaned twice and that was frustrating! Plus, DH was away for his Asia Sales Congress these few days.

Well, that was not the end of the mess. I checked the clock and thought I would take him to the bathroom an hour later. But lo and behold, when I came downstairs, there was another puddle -I wanted to scream!!!

I know I should be stressed over this and it isn't fair to expect him to learn this overnight. Patience is what I need and yes, I should continue to press on. Anyone moms or dads has any tips to share on potty training?

checking on on bra shaper

I'm never quite bothered about this until my blogging buddy, Shoppingmum told me about bra shaper. Huh? I don't even know these things exist - lol! Being an extended nursing mom for two good years, I haven't paid much attention to sexy linger or nice bras. Why bother when it is hard to buy the right bra size when you are nursing.

But now that I have stopped nursing Clayton for coming one year, a bra shaper might be a good idea to tone up the breast tissue. Women are blessed with these wonderful assets so why not take good care of them when you can. I'll let shoppingmum update me on how bra shaper experience before investing in one. It's not cheap leh - RM900!!!

Clayton can sing!

Nothing is more rewarding than to hear Clayton sing a new song each time, especially if it's Mandarin. I'm glad he can sing in tune and is definitely not tone deaf - lol. Every night, we will read his favourite chinese book together and revise a song or two. He's been sleeping earlier these days so that's wonderful for me!

enjoying and appreciating motherhood

I'm beginning to enjoy and appreciate motherhood. Not that I don't in the past but it's a bitter-sweet feeling for some time, with ups and downs every time. But now that Clayton is turning three, we can carry out a conversation together and it can be quite a fun thing to do - that's what I call quality time too.

Everyday, he will 'hint' to me that he wants to go to Garage Adventures in Singapore cos there are so many toys, activities and books for him. So he'll say 'Clayton like Jeh Jeh Adeline place, next time come again...." Children do have wishes too...

a wonderful childhood with my brother

My brother and myself had a wonderful childhood together. One of the things we enjoyed together besides cycling and fighting with each other was to maintain a fish tank. I remembered the excitement when our guppies gave birth to little 'babies' - it was a lovely sight. We couldn't afford nice fish tanks at that time so all we had was a fish bowl. Even then, it was a nice hobby we both shared together; he would clean the tank and I would help with feeding them.

What we really wanted then was one of those attractive acrylic aquariums that looked its best when the light lit up. If only we had enough space for that, we could have rear more fishes. Til today, I would not fail to stop by an aquarium shop. Though I don't keep any fish now, I will pop into the shop to check out some of the new varieties, aquarium supplies, aquatic plants and colourful corals.

24 September, 2007

an impromptu trip by daddy

We did something out of the ordinary yesterday. DH asked me to hop into the car and we went gai gai with our new digital videocam. At first, I thought he was kidding but turned out that he was seriously about the impromptu trip. We were attempting to find a new luxurious development in another side of the city but got ourselves lost! DH had read that the new developments were likened to the Arizona luxury real estate he saw on the website so he was planning to video the showroom.

Though it was a drive to nowhere, we had a nice time driving around and exploring new places, while Clayton fell asleep in the car. That was another Sunday for us.

23 September, 2007

events for next year all planned

In three months' time, we'll be entering into a new year. In terms of business, this has been an interesting one for us - new partnerships, new events, new collaborations...etc. Last week, we finally sat down to plan for our next year's seminars and we decided to cut risks to a minimal and to remained focused.

Since we have planned for four seminars next year, it's time that DH looks into a new laptop to replace his current one, which seems to be facing system errors regularly. A laptop will be ideal for him as he needs something portable and mobile since our events are conducted in hotels. The ones at Dell offer a wide range of options and performance, with various models that are suitable for home and business use. Prices are competitive and upgrading is flexible for those who want more. Besides, we would like to support the people who have supported us in our business, and Dell had previously sent its team to our seminars.

artistic homemade lanterns

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Looking back, it was an occasion of great anticipation as I pestered mom to buy me my favourite lantern. I would pick the brightest cellophane lanterns in shapes of butterfly, flowers, birds or fish. The festival would never be complete without my favourite mooncake. I would eat only the yummy egg yolk and leave the lotus paste behind :)

I attended Clayton school's lantern festival celebration last Friday which was packed with lots of his schoolmates and teachers. There was a homemade lantern competition and I was impressed by the submissions. From recycled styrofoam lunch boxes to toilet rolls, many of the homemade lanterns were artistic and innovative. If only Clayton wasn't cranky, we would have stayed throughout the celebration and joined in the trail walk...

22 September, 2007

want more blog traffic to your multiple niche blogs and make money niche blogs?

So you are thinking about increasing web traffic to your multiple niche blogs and your make money niche blogs. While there are SEO experts who can take you there, not everyone has the budget to invest in their multiple niche blogs especially when you are just starting out. If you need simple tips to bring blog traffic to your multiple niche blogs or make money niche blogs, I have listed them down in my home office women blog. These simple tips are not new, mind you, in fact, blog traffic tips are never new anywhere. They do require your efforts and lots of patience if you want to build your multiple niche blogs or make money niche blogs. Nothing happens overnight - it's not magical either.

expensive gourmet burgers at Carl's

Last week, I mentioned that DH and myself paid RM50 for two Carl's Junior burgers - that was shocking! Actually I wouldn't mind eating gourmet burgers or expensive burgers once a while as long as they were worth it or tasty but the Carl's Junior ones at One U were disappointing. Imagine, a family of three would end up paying more than RM50 for 3 burgers and for that price, you can have a complete meal in a restaurant like TGIF or Italiannies.

21 September, 2007

Daily Candy Kids Everywhere

Hey Mommies, I found a cool site that brings you the "hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel" but that's not what I'm buzzing about - if you wanna read about Daily Candy, head over to my shopping blog. But Daily Candy has launched Daily Candy Kids Everywhere which brings you fun and fashionable news of all things related to kids. Get tips on parenting, product updates, fashion for kids, food ideas...etc.

Kids Everywhere (for busy and hip parents) is published on Thursday and there are local Kids editions are published on Monday in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago; DailyCandy Travel is published on Wednesday; DailyCandy Deals (which features special sales and promotions) comes out on Tuesday.

my first baking class with Catherine

These are the shots taken during my first baking class with Catherine Lau a week ago. There was two days ago on light fruit cake but I couldn't find the time to spend 4 hours in the class. Tomorrow is another interesting one on Japanese Cheesecake - yummy! Looks like I just have to wait till my last event is over or maybe I should really make time.

A lady in the class was 'laughing' at me snapping pictures of ingredients, cake and everything else - it sounded like an insult, as if I was "sua koo" - in my heart I was telling myself "what do you know, lady? I'm a blogger!" LOL.

Can you see all the 'auntie auntie' in the class? ya lor, these are the ones who have all the time in the world to attend baking class everyday, even though they already know everything about baking.

an eco-friendly Aloha Purse from Honolulu

While checking out the shopping scene in Hawaii, I came across the works of Denise Tjarks who created this lovely Coco Aloha Purse in Honolulu.

I have been reading up my Fodors and Frommers Hawaii travel guide and can't wait for my tropical vacation. This tote is great to carry my sunscreen, my bottle of water, Clayton's clothing and snacks and my personal belongings. This one-of-a-kind purse is crafted out of colorful Hawaiian fabrics with vintage button closure. What's unique is that it is created out of vintage and second-hand aloha wear - Denise is a great support of eco-friendly and fairly traded products!

when you need to buy cheap ink cartridges

These days, printers are so affordable - ink jet or laser, black and white or colour. Compared to those days, owning a printer is rare and only those who are running a business will invest in one. But since the day I bought my first Apple laser printer till now, I have seen the change of trends and prices. In fact, DH and myself had discarded more than 5 ink jet printers. Each time the ink ran out, it would be too expensive to buy the single ink cartridge. In fact, the new ink jets are only slightly dearer than the cartridges. But if we can buy ink cartridge at cheap prices while still getting a quality finish, that would be great.

Actually I heard that there are cheap UK printer ink and branded compatible inkjet cartridges including Ink Rite, Jet Tec and Print-Rite available at Ink Cartridges Direct. Besides these cheaper alternatives you can find your regular Epson Ink Cartridges, Canon, HP, Samsung and other brands. Since the prices are cheaper, we would not need to chuck our old printers away :P

clayton's mooncake festival celebration

We are not that sort of parents who participate in every activity organized by Clayton's school but tonight we decided to attend the mooncake festival celebration.

I was so excited that I went to buy Clayton his first lantern - this is a tradition practiced by the Chinese on the 8th lunar month every year. We got there a little late and there were already lots of students and teachers packed in the new vicinity. To my shock, my little Clayton refused to go inside. He seemed to encounter stranger anxiety and insisted that we should go home. Oh well, I tried so hard to convince him to stay for a while and he finally agreed but on the condition of being carried.

I was hoping that he would warm up and change his mind after seeing his teachers but he didn't. He just kept saying he wanted to go home. After half an hour, mommy's hands are far too tired so I decided to head home with DH. I guessed he was too tired... as expected he dozed off on the way back.

So much for being excited over the celebration - Sigh......

20 September, 2007

an ice cream treat for Clayton

Clayton's birthday is coming soon! I was asking DH what should we do on his third birthday since we are not that sort who throw big parties. Then an idea came to my mind - maybe we should bring him to haagen dazs and treat him to an ice-cream - just for him. Well, it may not sound that exciting for you but it will be for Clayton cos we don't serve ice-cream in this house - lol. So, it would be a real treat that he can have a full scoop of ice cream ALL to himself.

This is just one of the treats he'll get on that day...

let's go shop for some bargains!

Let's go shop for some bargains in the web! I know this will interest the guys - this is Your Electronic Warehouse where you can shop for discounted Bose® SoundDock® Digital Music System for iPod and iPhone, Bose® LIFESTYLE® 48 Series III, Monster® MPA 2250 SS 2 Channel Power Amp and much more. Not only do you get these high quality electronic products at fantastic prices, you get to earn reward dollars on your purchases.

And for golf lovers, check out Discount Golf World and as the name suggests, this is your discounted store for golf equipment and accessories. Why bother to at full price in retail stores when you save in your online shopping.

For those who don't know what to do with your iPod ear phones, why don't have a look at iPod Earphone/Headphone Trade In Program. Here, you can trade in your old iPod ear phones for $20 reward dollars to be used for your online purchases.

more mineral makeup samples arriving!

Oh yes, I've got some more mineral makeup samples arriving next week for product review. That is so exciting! My dressing table is filled with many little sample cases of mineral makeup now - mineral foundation, mineral blusher, mineral eyeshadow, bronzer, brushes...etc. It is fun picking and deciding which mineral foundation to put on the face when I'm going out... all thanks to Erth Minerals and Lumiere Cosmetics. I'll be getting some samples from Monave soon. So watch out for more product reviews ( real ones!)

feeling nostalgic

Don't know why but I'm missing home this evening. Home refers to the home in Singapore :) It's been almost two months since I last returned. Miss the food, familiar places and retail therapy. I am banned from buying anything right til we leave for our US vacation. I figure that makes sense since there's nothing I really need anyways. Clayton has been telling me that he misses The Garage Adventures, a child minding place where I left him for a day when I need to attend meetings, get a hair cut or some personal space. He misses grandma's house too... My little boy is turning 3 in a few weeks' time... time seriously flies!

where ecotourism reigns

I was checking out on Costa Rica, the place known for ecotourism since many travelers set foot on this country to explore the protected areas around the country. Apparently, this city draws millions of tourists each year, thanks to its unspoilt landscape and beauty where nature meets with the sea. But that's not it. This is a lively place where locals love to party and carnival celebrations are common

It seems like a favourite among the wild enthusiasts while some just prefer to park themselves by a luxury resort and relax over a peaceful vacation. For that reason, Casas en Costa Rica
is booming with more houses, apartments and condos being added each year. Whether you are planning on a relocation or just a family vacation, encuentra24.com has full listings of properties up for rent or sale. And the site is also available in Spanish language if that's what you prefer. This is ideal for Spanish-speaking individuals who will find it easy to navigate the site and learn more about the properties.

All details of the houses are clearly listed on the website and you can find out the monthly rental rates and property sizes and configuration, plus the contact person whom you can talk to should you be interested.

more multiple niche blogs for more adsense

My second Google check is here! Well, it's only a $129 but it's in USD so that's still not bad, isn't it? I'm happy to see some movements in my Google adsense, compared to few months ago and that means I'll be receiving my Google checks on a more regular basis! I know there are many who boast about getting a four figure adsense check every month - kudos to these individuals but I think you need lots and lots of multiple niche blogs before this can ever happened!

For me, 5 multiple niche blogs and I'll already spinning. It's not the same as what the internet marketers are teaching - setting up multiple niche blogs that are subscribed via feeds, which means no writing needed. Somehow, this doesn't quite work for me, I think.

puking on interims?

Well, my friends are puking on interims... imagine that - if you have 5 blogitives, you need to churn out 2 interims x 5 advertisers' posts, that gives you 10 interims plus 5 actual posts, so you need to write 15 posts altogether - whoa! That explains why I'm careful not to take too many blogitives or I'll really puke on interims.

There are 11 more days to the new month and I've reached my $2K target - now, I can relax a little, do some research on our Hawaii trip and sleep earlier :)

19 September, 2007

your email marketing and blogging tool

Do you own a business? If you do, how do you communicate with your customers or reach to more potential ones. One of the things we have found it useful in growing our customer base and maintaining a constant touch with our customers is via email marketing. Email marketing is a wonderful way to reach large amounts of customers in a short amount of time. This is a very inexpensive marketing method that is effective. It will result in getting more traffic to your website thus generating more sales. Email marketing can be used by any type of business regardless of the products or services they have to offer.

If you are new to this, have a look at the 400 or more ready-made templates available at iContact Email Marketing Software which allow you to publish and create email newsletters, blogs and autoresponders. With features that enable you to track the open rates and clickthroughs of your emails, you can measure the response of your marketing campaign. iContact is available from $9.95 per month and currently has more than 11,000 customers and 85,000 users including a list of reputable clients. Try out the free trial at: http://icontact.com/www/video/introduction_video.html.

children should learn good eating habits

It makes me wonder - why do children like junk food? It's strange. I don't even have to teach Clayton how to like french fries but when he sees them on the restaurant table, he'll ask for them. Besides, I don't even cook french fries at home. Kids don't need to be taught many things such as loving biscuits, junk food and candies. I'm particular with the snacks offered to Clayton as I believe that they should develop healthy eating habits from a young age. This will help avoid tooth decay, obesity, allergies and a whole lot of illnesses. But I'm not that strict too - he does get a treat from mommy every now and then. To help them develop healthy eating habits, we as parents should avoid stocking unhealthy snacks or junk foods in the house.

What do you think?

let's talk about Chinese foods and cooking

When it comes to food, the Chinese is very particular about ingredients, cooking style and taste. Personally, I find cooking chinese food a lot more work than western dishes - more preparation, more ingredients, longer cooking time...etc. There is one thing that I avoid cooking and that is, soup. Not only does cooking soup takes time, it takes knowledge and efforts - right timing, right herbs, right compliments...etc. But there is one ingredient that is common in chinese soups and there is the goji berry. The Chinese believes that goji berries help to improve eyesight, blood circulation and boost metabolism. Mom always reminds me that those berries can make my eyes sparkle! These days, I even throw a handful of goji berries into my fish porridge to sweeten the taste. Anyone has any experience with cooking with goji berries?

Do brands matter?

One of the must-have accessories when you are planning on a beach or island vacation is a pair of cool sunglasses. With such rising demand and popularity of these fashionable shades, more and more designers are adding sunglasses to their line of collection. This is because sunglasses can bring in big money!

But there are many people who can't afford $200 - $300 for a pair of luxury sunglasses. Besides, if your objective is about protecting your eyes, then you wouldn't care to pay so much for one. My hubby is one of them. Due to this rising trend and demand, selling wholesale sunglasses is lucrative since the cost is low, especially if you are selling them online or via a small cart store. So if you need a business idea, consider a wholesale sunglasses business. You may be just on your way to a profitable business!

18 September, 2007

when I was starting out...

If you are thinking about starting your own small business here are some important facts you need to know. You want to find a business that you know quite a bit about and that you enjoy doing. I started 15 years ago working as a graphic designer. I enjoyed designing print collaterals for companies, meeting people and learning the ropes of a business woman.

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was start my small business while working from home. That gives me more flexibility and most importantly, save on high overheads of office rentals. At some point, I was working with a multimedia house on a project where I got to liase with a voice over talent. It was an eye opening sight for me, listening to how skillful a voice over talent can be during a recording. From a soft whisper and gentle tone, it can moved to a strong, affirming voice that is authoritative and commanding. Well, I didn't have a talent like this cos if I did, I would be making big bucks from this profession.

how is your adsense doing?

Most of us bloggers have installed Adsense on our multiple niche blogs and niche sites in the hope to earn residual income. While some bloggers with good web traffic are reaping rewards from adsense, others are not seeing much residual income coming through. Personally, this blog is pathetic where adsense is concerned, my shopping, home office women and health blog are the ones that are bringing me couple of dollars a day. I know it's not big money but look, there are no efforts at all, other than placing the adsense in the right places. If you do your calculations, $2 x 30 = $60. $60 is equivalent to 12 ptb posts, know what I mean?

Of course, it will be nice to rake in hundreds of dollars every month but for that kind of returns, you are talking about few thousand unique visitors a day to your site - targeted ones, I mean.

If you have no idea what I'm rambling about here, check out my adsense post at my home office women blog.

a place to find Asia travel resources

What will you do if you are trapped on an island? Sounds like The Castaway story starring Tom Cruise, isn't it? This article, Ten Things To Do If You Are Trapped on an Island will offer you some survival tips should that happen to you.

I enjoy reading about travel stories in Asia from niche blogs and I find them more informative then some travel editorials in the web or in magazines. The blog of Asia Hotels has plenty of useful articles that will interest every traveler with highlights on accommodation news, best places to relax, Three Cheapest Cities for Shopaholics, luxurious airlines, best beaches...etc.

These are great tips and guide when you are planning on a vacation on your own, with friends or with your family. So, check out the blog and learn more about places in Asia, its attractions and its surrounds.

Thank you everyone for your tags!

I know there are a few people who tagged me some time back. Now, please forgive cos I have spent some time searching for those tags but I just can't locate them - sorry, sorry. But I would like to appreciate you for the link love you so graciously extended to me... so to these wonderful blogger friends who remembered me - I didn't forget you, just been too busy lately...

1) Adam2) Mumsgather
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questions from a business friend

This morning, I received an email from a business friend whom I knew for many years. Her email was a pleasant surprise as I am not one of those who tell the whole world that I'm a blogger - lol. The truth is I don't have many friends around me who are active bloggers like me. That explains why most of my blogger friends are from the blogosphere itself. She asked me a couple of questions:

1. how do you define what's bloggable in your life and what's private? any guidelines that you follow?
2. you seems quite comfy posting photos on-line (especially your son Clayton...he's so CUTE!). Are you not worried of the photos being used out of context by others?
3. do you recommend getting own domain?

Great questions, don't you think? My answer following up...

a quick one day detox

It is time for another quick body detox since this cold has not left me after more than a week - it is annoying. So I decided to do a one-day detox but may extend to another two more days if need be. I've learnt to be watchful over my health condition, after my battle with asthma for a short time early this year. But I'm careful not to loose anymore weight this time so I'm making a point to take more carbo and the only food for that would be potatoes. Yup, I took 4 small ones for dinner plus a bunch of steamed broccoli, no seasonings, nothing. It's nice to taste natural foods again...

it's all about trust when you travel

This is a cool community site with the most appropriate name : Trusted Places. What it clearly means is that you can find trusted places to dine, play, shop, chill out, rest and enjoy by real people who have 'been there and done that'. This is a great place to find out more about London. You can read about a featured London restaurant and read real reviews before deciding if it's worth your patronage. Find out also what others are saying about London's hotels, pubs, cafes and the best places to do some retail therapy.

So book mark this for your next travel to London - you might as well learn and hear from others to avoid the pitfalls of a wrong itinerary.

leaving a day earlier for our Hawaii trip

I managed to convince the man of the house to leave a day earlier for our Hawaii trip. Since we like to catch the activities at Waikiki on the weekends, I told him it would be better to arrive on a Saturday, just in case we spend that day recuperating from jet lag. I'm certain this is a better decision than arriving on a Sunday, which we may have missed some good fun by then. So it's a total of 7 days in Waikiki beach, bathing in the sun, walking by the beach and chilling out by the pool!

17 September, 2007

Let's rush to join BlogRush!

Everyone is talking about BLOGRUSH. Have you jumped onto the bandwagon? If you haven’t, so check out this short video which gives a clear explanation of why bloggers are rushing to sign up with BlogRush. According to internet marketing expert, John Reese, who is also the founder of BlogRush, installing the BlogRush widget will bring tonnes of web traffic to your site.

I can tell you if it will work but it's free to join so no harm, right? Nothing to lose even if it doesn't deliver what it promises.

So, catch the flame, sign up for BLOGRUSH!

16 September, 2007

Clayton's sunday indulgence

This is Clayton's Sunday indulgence after Sunday School. He insisted that he must play in the nursery room after Sunday School and we kept our promise. He would jumped into the pool of colourful balls and scrambled inside for some good fun. I once thought about filling his old playpen with these colorful balls, thinking that it would occupy him but after careful consideration, I changed my mind. I might end up picking up all the balls in the house!

sad news on the newspapers everyday

Everyday when I flipped the newspapers, I read more bad and sad news than good ones. This is what the world is like - full of gloom and doom or is it the media who prefers to highlight only the negative ones. Recently there had been lots of truck accidents on the road and those stories left me feeling sorry for the members of the bereaved family.

It is no wonder that there are so many fatalities on the road involving trucks as they tend to drive very fast on the roads especially in the night. I was just reading about how Truck Accident Lawyers California had helped lots of families in managing litigation in wrongful deaths and serious personal injury throughout the States. With the help of the appointed Truck Accident Lawyer, many families were able to build their case as the lawyer helps to achieve full compensation for the affected families. It is important to seek consultation from an experience personal injury attorney as this will ensure that the claiming process is a smooth and fair one.

chilling out on Sundays

It's another lazy Sunday. What I dread most on the weekends is the pile of laundry that needs washing. I'm thankful I don' t have to iron them, even then, it's still the sorting, putting them on the line that takes up time. I'll like to spend Sunday chilling out with Clayton cos we are always caught up with work on the weekdays. What about you? How do you spend your Sundays?

the other side of Clayton

I like to see Clayton sitting quietly in his chair reading or colouring a book. It warms my heart in an indescribable manner cos my little boy is half the time moving around. He just can't sit still. But on certain occasions, he would grab a book and sit down by himself and I will quietly adore that side of him... it just reminds me that there are two sides to each one of us and it starts when we are just a little child.

colloidal silver to rid that cold

This cold that I'm having is loving me so much that it's not going away - it's frustrating! I am wondering if I should give colloidal silver a go since I've heard that it has been effective in treating cold symptoms.

While colloidal silver still has a bad name in conventional medicine, it is, however, gaining ground in alternative medicine. For thousands of years, silver is known for its antibiotic properties. Today, it is used to treat wounds and prevent infections as well as used in water purification processes.

How colloidal silver works is truly amazing. When the silver particles, suspended in liquid, come into contact with bacteria, viruses, or fungi, they have the ability to destroy the enzyme that these microorganisms need for oxygen metabolism. In other words, colloidal silver can cause these microorganisms to suffocate and eventually die. All this without destroying any neighboring otherwise healthy living cells.

Guess I need to find out where to order my colloidal silver now.

home cooked food is better

I love Saturdays cos this is the day where I get to have a nice lunch or dinner outside and not have to worry about preparing dinner. It can be tiring getting everyone ready for dinner yet DH expects home cooked food everyday. I do agree that cooking your own food is better than eating out as you are aware of what goes into the foods. But the preparation time plus cooking can drain me out sometimes. Don't forget I haven't got a maid. But for the good of our health, I still choose to cook for the family on weekdays and take a break on the weekends. On the overall, I do enjoy cooking though I just get lazy some days.

15 September, 2007

secrets to being happy

Almost everyone of ua have heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone. Bobby Mcferiin's simple message surely made a lot of people by telling them not to worry.

Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health. Being happy actually protects you from the stresses of life. Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness. People are different, accept people for who or what they are, avoid clashes, constant arguments, and let go of all kinds of resentments. If arguments seem unavoidable still try and make an effort to understand the situation and you might just get along well with.

how the retail industry has improved

The retail industry is constantly upgrading its services and operations to offer consumers a better shopping and buying experience. Gone are the days where cashiers key in long number codes manually. You may still see this in small shops or towns but in most retail stores, products and goods are coded electronically with either bar code scanners or scanning terminals. You can imagine the time saved with reliable point of sale equipment as they help to smoothen and sweeten our shopping experience.

Whether it's new or used point of sale devices and terminals, retailers should constantly maintain and service their pos equipment to ensure that they work well at all times. With big brands like ibm pos equipment, Fujitsu pos products and NCR point of sale, VisionPOS provides a complete stop for POS solutions to help retailers maximize their return of investment with quality pos systems. Investing in good pos equipment should be a long term necessity for every retail provider.

The worst gift ideas ever

Many of us give with the best of intentions, but never realize that the gifts we are about to give are truly nightmares - or worse - in disguise. No one ever means to make such a mistake, but these do occur due to carelessness or ignorance.

One of the worst gift ideas ever to give is the item that tries to give a subtle hint for what you consider a needed change in this person's life. We think this is a polite way of doing it, but all in all we cause more pain and trouble to the person. Some examples of these types of gifts are things like books for losing weight, an audio book on helping someone with their memory, or even a book on finding the right guy or girl. For the recipient, all they experience is you calling them fat, stupid, and unable to meet good people for relationships. The gift causes pain and depression - the opposite of the intention you had for it.

Another worst gift idea ever given is giving something that shows how little thought you put into your gift. Some examples of these gifts would be giving body jewelry to someone who doesn't even have an ear pierced or a box of chocolates for a diabetic. If you truly don't want to put your heart into giving gifts, then don't even bother - your friends will appreciate it.

The third worst gift ideas ever given is giving something that we owned. We all forget a holiday or special occasion and find ourselves desperate to come up with a gift. We know we don't have enough time to go out and purchase something, and making something is out of the question. So we look through what we own and give the special someone a gift we ourselves were given before, or even something we had bought for ourselves. The problem is the immense guilt you feel after the fact for doing so.

when you need an increase of strength

It seems to be a little disgusting when you are detoxing or cleansing. Your body shows some signs that you have built up toxins. These toxins can affect your whole body fitness and health. There are times that you feel sluggish and feel the stressful. Your body may experience continuous aching, diarrhea, constipation, and feeling of clumsiness. Other times, you feel like you are weak and lack strength to carry on your daily activities.

Some people have found that snacking on Goji Berries have helped to increase their physical strength and metabolism. I believe you need to take them on a regular basis to see positive results. If you are used to the taste of the fruit, Goji Berry Juice may also be helpful to do the job. While I have tried goji berries, I have yet to try the juice so can't tell you what it's like. But as a snack, the sweetish taste is acceptable and is definitely a healthier choice than those junk food on the supermarket shelves.

beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

What is life, really, if you don't appreciate the beautiful things around you, which may come with a cost or not. Some of the beautiful things in life are truly free but you just need to open your eyes to them. If you can afford to take a vacation to see the Grand Canyons, that's beauty to you but even if you can't, the quiet lake in the park can mean beauty. No wonder they say, Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"... how true is that....

my mineral makeup surprise package

Since I got my mineral makeup samples package from Erth some weeks back, I have never gone back to using my old loose or pressed powder. I never knew how natural I can look with mineral foundation - it is amazing. It did get a little messy initially as I was not used to the application style but after a few tries, it got easier and now, I won't use any other powder for my face!

Two days ago, Erth sent me another surprise package. It was a box full of mineral makeup and a couple of organic skincare for my review... I was delighted! I felt so touched by Vanessa's kind gesture for sending me these lovely Kabuki makeup brushes and makeup, she had done this to thank me for doing a review for her online store.

So ladies, if you haven't tried mineral makeup, you don't know what you are missing. Check out her site now.

13 September, 2007

my baking session with Catherine Lau

It was a great session at Catherine's class though at the back of my mind, I kept thinking about my health blog which was down for the whole morning. This was my first time attending a baking class so it was exciting. Catherine's kitchen was professionally organized with stainless steel working top, pots, pans, cake tins, industrial mixer, commerial ovens and lots of cake baking equipment. She was already whizzing away with all the ingredients and preparation when I was there. I could notice that the kichler lighting had lit the class brightly with a homely ambience.

Being a first timer, I was poking my nose with every step and making sure I didn't leave any details out. I could observe that the class was made up of mostly tai tais, those who had nothing to do but to busy themselves with baking and cooking for friends and relatives. I wasn't there for this reason, I just wanted to know how to bake good and moist butter cakes and chocolate coffee cheesecake.

I snapped alot of photos and will post more details along with them once I got them uploaded.

going for my baking class

I may not be a professional cook but I love to experiment with recipes whenever I have the time. The issue here is TIME. For a long time, I wanted to attend the baking classes by famous cheesecake chef, Catherine Lau but just couldn't fit it into my schedule. Yesterday, I received another text message informing me of a choco coffee cheesecake and silky butter cake class today. I was so excited that I replied right away to indicate my interest. So, I'm off to my baking class today with Catherine Lau... that will be a good break away from blogging and work :P

12 September, 2007

where to stay for our last night in hawaii

I'm left with one more night of Hawaii accommodation to book, after confirming our stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. When DH read from Frommer's travel guide that this hotel wass classified under 'Most expensive', he looked at me in shock. I had to assure him that we were within budget.

I'm so tempted to book our last night in Hawaii at Halekulani Resort. The reviews in Frommer's on this place was too excellent to resist. According to the review, it said that this place was worth every penny, if you could afford it. With most rooms facing the ocean, I thought that should be the way to remember our last night in Waikiki... but then hor, it came with a nightly rate of $500+ leh... ai yo!

TAG: Things come in FIVE

This tag came from Judy at Memoirs: Cross my heart... and I apologize for doing it so late - I still owe a few tags to few others! I don't think I'll be tagging anyone cos it seems that most of the bloggers I tagged were struggling with completing them - just like me.... so here's mine:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
In Perth Western Australia, doing my postgraduate
Taught in a few design schools
Got married
Operated a restaurant
Opened a flower business in Singapore

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Struggling with an active 2 year old while working at home

Five snacks you enjoy
Chocolate raisins

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
JIngle Bells
Power of your love
Amazing Grace

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Buy house in Australia
Put in fixed deposit

Five bad habits
Stay up too late
Over shop
Waste food
Not punctual

Five favourite toys

Five things you like doing
Shopping with a purpose
Trying out new foods
Having coffee by myself in a cafe

Five things you would never wear again
Short and tight skirts
Yellow Gold Necklace

may our tongue be filled with grace

I had no idea where he picked it up from. My son was trying to coax us to play with him. While we remained focused on our computer screens, he pulled my hand said, "come momma, don't be shy"! When we heard this, we burst out laughing - that was so funny!

Other times, he would say, "don't be scared, momma". It was amazing that kids learnt things so fast. That was when we began to realize that we had to be careful of our tongue, for good and bad all came from one place. Like what the Bible says, we use the tongue to bless, as well as curse. May our words be seasoned with salt and be filled with grace.

enjoying family travel

Many of my friends tend to travel leisurely without their children. Naturally, this can only happen if they have good care givers and those are usually their own parents or close relatives. Being the only caregivers to Clayton, we travel everywhere with him. Actually, I don't think I can live him with anyone at this point. So for all our holidays, I tend to look at vacation home rental that provides more space and better value for families. Besides, I like the home away from home feel plus a kitchen to prepare simple meals if I'm sick on eating out.

Even though traveling with a toddler does present certain challenges and differences, I still think its a great decision since we can travel and spend quality time together as a family.

a virtual assistant for my multiple niche blogs

After some weeks of careful consideration, I finally took my DH's advice to get a virtual assistant to help me with some internet marketing work. As much as I enjoy maintaining my multiple niche blogs, I have no time to optimize them. These days, I don't blogwalk as much as before, plus my boy is demanding more attention from me everyday. I thought Montessori programs will teach them to play by themselves but it didn't seem to work that way for Clayton :( He still expects me to sit down or watch TV with him. Actually, I think he's helping his momma to rest and take breaks from the computer - how smart of him!

11 September, 2007

thinking about pilates

I've been reading some articles on pilates, and on how it can benefit my health and overall wellbeing. Apparently, pilates not only can relieve the symptoms of some illnesses but also can increase spinal and joint flexibility, so that the elderly can perhaps avoid more serious problems with these areas. Doctors will even recommend that the senior citizens join an exercise group for their health and well being.

One of the best reasons to start a Pilates program is that your own abilities control how fast you advance in the program. Your own strength and fitness will control how you do each exercise; you only do what you can. Unlike weight training, Pilates is not based on gaining a certain amount of muscle mass. The main goal of Pilates is the general improvement in health, with increased flexibility, increases muscle tone, and reduced stress. Pilates is more about mental than physical control.

Maybe I should start looking for a qualifed instructor for pilates.

Vacation officially confirmed!

Finally, Dh and Clayton's visa are all settled. This means our vacation to the States is officially confirmed and we are on our way for a month's break in December - yay! My good friends are marveling at my almost one month vacation but they don't know how much I need this. Being a work at home mom, I can experience burnt out days and sometimes, I just want to run and hide - it can be so overwhelming! But well, at least there is something I can look forward to at the end of the year, that is, a well deserved vacation of my choice!

10 September, 2007

50% discount on traffic summonses

No where in the world offers discounts for traffic summonses except Malaysia. In line with the 50th Merdeka celebration, the traffic department offers 50% discount to all traffic offenders who pay their summonses by a certain time and the whole department were jammed packed with people. Maybe they should consider getting those radar detectors to keep them out of traffic trouble. That should save the hassle of paying fines and being issued any speed summonses. The government sure knows how to collect these bad debts from the offenders :P

going to miss my friend, Tracy

We just got back from dinner with Tracy and David. They are Clayton's best adult friends, my boy adores them. It was cute to watch him sat on Uncle David's lap in the 'manja' look... Tracy is going to Ningbo soon and this time, it's going to be for 2-3 months again. And we probably won't meet if she comes back for Christmas as we'll be away in the States.

I don't have that many local friends here and she's one of those I go lunches and shopping with. I'm glad she took time off to drop by, despite her busy and hectic schedule of packing and running around. Now that she's leaving, I will be missing her again.

the new definition for pickup driving

Allow me to take you back to some enjoyable clips of my childhood. I used to like riding in trucks and lorries. In those days, passengers were allowed to sit behind open top trucks and lorries. Why did I like it? It felt great when the winds hit the face... it simply felt so nice. Besides, when the truck picked up its speed, it can be full of thrill.

But gone are the days when you can sit or stand behind a truck. The traffic police will issue you a big ticket for that if you are caught. Besides, trucks have taken a new style and look. Just take a look at the Isuzu crew cab or extended cab. With space for goods behind, it can still carry 5 passengers comfortably. It's like 2 in 1 vehicle - functional and convenient, yet serving its purpose for people who need the extra loading space for business. The new extended cab has redefined pickup driving for today's savvy drivers.

i need a traveling laptop

Now that I'm spending so much time blogging, I'm thinking of getting a lighter laptop for traveling purpose but a decision like this seems extravagant :P A friend was recommending the use of pocket PC since it's knowingly smaller in size and light enough to be tucked inside a carry on bag. Besides, Pocket PCs are becoming very popular these days because they are so handy to have and make things so very convenient. They have the ability to support a vast range of different types of multimedia features, which is what attracts so many excited customers, ready to enjoy all that a Pocket PC has to offer.

Looks like I have more research to do before investing in deciding what's best for my use and lifestyle.

seashells and life

One of my favorite beach activities is searching for seashells. There are millions of seashells in the ocean that come from a wide variety of creatures. They all look different and each has their own personalities that comes across in the divots and impressions in the shells. I don't know why but I am fond of wedding invitations or greeting cards that include an ocean theme or graphics of sea shells.

As I was looking for my seashells, I had a thought. The ocean is a vast body of secrets that has a story underneath that no one really knows about. So, in essence, each sea shell tells a different, but small, portion of the ocean's story. It speaks of life that we each have a story to tell too. With millions of thoughts, experiences and everything within us, we are like a seashell in the ocean, with a story to tell.

stretch that body of yours

My body gets all stiff after sitting in front of the computer for too long. I call this 'Blogging Hazard" - The body is flexible. It is supposed to be flexible. You must be able to bend and reach that something you dropped on the floor. You must be able to zip the back of your favorite dress on your own. You must be able to reach that book you need to read at the top shelf.

These are simple activities. Nothing grand about them, you merely stretched out a bit. However, if there are difficulties in doing such simple motions, then you have to stretch your limits. You already need a stretching program.

09 September, 2007

all about beauty and appearance

A magazine article had reported that the beauty industry had grown in increasing measures in the last ten years. It went on to mention about the different plastic surgeries and slimming procedures that women had flocked into. Two of the more invasive ones were liposuction and tummy tuck which had helped some women to shed those unwanted fats in certain parts of their body.

Liposuction is not nearly as invasive as the tummy tuck procedure and the scarring is much more minimal than those from having a tummy tuck procedure completed. The recovery time from having liposuction done is sometimes only three to five days, with most people. All they have to do is make a few small incisions in your stomach, this is where they will place their surgical tubes that will be sucking out all of that unwanted fat that has been living in there for far too long, giving your stomach an unappealing appearance. With liposuction they will only be using local anesthetics during your procedure, which is another great benefit of choosing liposuction. There will be some left over skin after your liposuction is completed but that extra skin will literally shrink back to its normal appearance after the first couple of months or sooner.

Some people may not realize how major of a surgery tummy tuck really is. The recovery time for having a tummy tuck done is at least three or four months. The scars will be quite significant compared to those from liposuction. These scars will run from one of your hip bones all the way over to your other hip bone. They will fade quite a bit during that first year but it is normally still noticeable, if you do not wear the right bikini bottoms, that could cover up that area.

At the end of the day, no matter what surgery a woman chose - tummy tuck, liposuction or other kinds that concern the face like rhinoplasty, it is up to her and she has every right to make herself look good, so long she can afford the bill. Isn't it?

multiple niche blogs gaining attention

My multiple niche blogs are gaining some attention with private advertisers for text link ads to be placed in my niche blogs. That is definitely good news for me as I wasn't expecting that all. All I can say is your multiple niche blogs can be great for monetization if you put efforts to build quality content and keep them updated on a regular basis. You don't need to constantly think about money making niche blogs but it can be focused on other topics of your interests. So, start working on your multiple niche blogs and see how they can be monetized effectively when the right time comes.

I can only grow cactus!

Oh... that is a cool meme - Green Thumb Sunday! I learned it from Adam after reading about his basil, lavender and tomatoes - I'm envious! I tried planting all of these in my life time and didn't succeed for too long. Once, I smuggled a little Lavender plant from Melbourne. It did grow for 3 months but died after the Malaysia heat scorched it :(

So now, all I grow is Aloe Vera and cactus - not much maintenance needed, that's why :P I had great success with a garden full of sunflowers few years ago and that was a fulfilled dream I cherished til this day. I won't say I have green fingers but I do love to be around these creations from heaven above.

my favourite pastry shop has to be Bakerzin

What better thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon than a slice of these heavenly treats from Bakerzin. I don't care what you say but this must be the best french pastries in this region. Chief baker and owner, Daniel Tay (my old friend) gets all the credit for introducing fine French pastries to those who appreciate sweet quality cakes. All these years, Daniel believes in using only the best ingredients including fresh cream, which explains why his cakes are never too rich to savour. I'm craving for a slice now...

your online education portal

It takes courage to take the plunge and pursue continuing education to get ahead in the job field. But sometimes, you cannot afford to take the time off from your work and family obligations to pursue your continuing education dreams. Classes at night are usually several hours long and you cannot take classes during the day. In fact, I have great admiration for those who take part-time courses while holding a full time job in the day. But online education makes it possible for those who want a balance of both. And with the power of the internet, you can find colleges and universities online at the click of a button. If you are looking for online degrees and other education courses, directoryofschools.com is the online education portal that provides a complete listing of all the universities and colleges. Whether it's degree in business or a certificate in technology, the online portal provides all the information and resources you need in your pursuit of continuing education.

for childhood favourite - Kueh Tu Tu

Some of these Singapore local snack foods bring warmth and memories and this is my childhood delight - Kueh Tu Tu. For years, I haven't had it until my last trip to Singapore when I spotted an old fashioned cart store in Food Republic in VivoCity. Tu Tu cake is usually filled with peanut filling or fragrant coconut and the good ones would taste soft and moist. If you haven't tried it before, don't forget to give it a go when you get a chance to visit Singapore.

women, weight loss and looking good

I have read too many articles about women putting their minds, hearts and souls into losing the weight, mainly for all of the great health benefits usually. The sad part about this is, after massive amounts of weight loss, sometimes your body does not look very attractive, due to the enormous amounts of loose, flabby skin, surrounding the body that you have worked so hard to make physically fit. When you see this skin, you are probably in shock and horror, especially considering how hard you have worked to get that weight off that has made you feel so bad about yourself for so long. Many times, people with this saggy skin end up having to have surgery to remove it and some of those people are choosing the liposuction procedure.

Of late, I have heard of a procedure known as Beverly Hills liposuction available at Beverly Hill's famous plastic surgery center. The center is well known for its luxury settings and impeccable service offering procedures that include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, Botox treatments and more.

Losing weight is not an easy task and staying healthy is not either. Your life is in your hands, take it on the ride of its life!

tug of war with a three year old

I have no idea it's so tough to deal with a 3 year old who is establishing his own likes, preferences, demands, boundaries and rules. The tug of war continues from home to mall to church to the car... no wonder the books have warned about the need for more patience, consistency and wisdom. Sometimes, I won and sometimes, I don't. But never a time like now do I see the need for consistency in every thing we say and do. This is growing up for my 3 year old and for me, too.

08 September, 2007

i was shocked!

I got a shock when I came down the stairs this afternoon, to find my little boy sitting on the floor with a container filled with Smarties. He was munching happily by himself with melted chocolate smeared all over his face. I was too upset and shocked that I had forgotten to snap a picture of his look. This was the first time he had gone to the fridge to reach out for junk stuff. Looks like I have to start clearing up the fridge!

no candied stuff for young children

Do you offer your young child sweets, candies and junk food? For me, I only allow very limited sweet stuff before he turns 2 and now that he has started school, I tend to relax a little more since I can't be there 'watching' him. But at home, he won't be offered candied stuff except for biscuits and his favourite, seaweed! Ya, he's a different child - he loves seaweed!

why anyone with websites needs SEO

In one of the internet seminars I attended, I gathered some knowledge on the importance of SEO and how webmasters continuously crave higher search engine rankings. I believe it make good sense as the closer your site is to the first entry in the search engine results page, the more chances you have of bringing on surfer traffic to your website. I can understand this cos my sites have appeared on Page 1 on Google for certain keywords. It was an experiment I did and it worked :)

This is the reason why anyone with websites should consider engaging a website optimization firm if you are serious about increasing your web presence. To be given a high search result ranking, the website must contain relevant information or content. You need to have quality content written down to describe your website and its contents. The search engine examines your website and all that it contains. And this is just one of the expertise of a website optimization firm, whose job is to help you achieve your objectives and goals through proper optimization strategies and techniques.

ranting again

These two days have been terribly crazy for me - my schedule is completely full plus Clayton is unwell. I find myself needing more sleep and a good massage. Actually, all I want is to sit by Waikiki beach or lounge at the balcony of my beachfront hotel room in Hilton Hawaiian village NOW!! I need a break!

i still enjoy theme parks, do you?

My cousin was telling me about how the kids had fun in their recent trip to Orlando. Who wouldn't? I'm still one of those who love rides and thrill of theme parks so honestly, I do hope that we can make it to this city of theme parks one day.

What she did was to booking her Disney World Tickets with orlandofuntickets.com which brought her much savings for the entire family. Being a savvy person in online shopping, I trust that she had done her research to ensure that these tickets are the lowest in the web. Besides, ordering the theme park tickets had saved her time and the hassle of queuing with the crowds. We all know how busy theme parks can be especially during school holidays and peak periods.

last but not least tips for your cruise holiday

Here is one last thing to note when planning for your cruise vacation...

To travel lighter, find out about equipment that will be available on the ship. For instance, if the cruise line provides irons or hair dryers, you won't need to pack yours. I won't bother most ofthe time :P Also pack your own sample size shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries because these items will cost more in the gift shop though some luxury cruises will provide all amenities. You should have access to laundry facilities on your cruise holiday, so you don't have to take a huge amount of clothing. Be sure to pack a formal and or semi-formal outfit if you will be taking part in these sort of activities on your cruise holiday.

more cruise vacation tips

Let's get back to the budget. Where you cruise to on your holiday can make a big difference in your cost as well. If you pick a popular spot, you can travel cheaper than if you choose a less popular spot. Another consideration is whether you really care about those ports of call. If you just want to stay on the ocean liner and enjoy the luxuries, book a cruise that doesn't stop anywhere. These "cruises to nowhere" are just as luxurious as the others but cost less.

To be safe on a cruise holiday, don't take a lot of expensive equipment or jewelry with you. Make sure your passport, health insurance, and other papers are up to date.

07 September, 2007

surprises from gumball vending machines

One of things I like doing during my college days is to check out those fun gumball vending machines in toy shops and supermarkets. Well, I was exactly a fan of chewing the gum balls but the creative collectibles that came with these big gumballs. Some of these collectibles were cute and unique that I would use them for my design projects. I suppose it was also the thrill of surprises from these gumballs that were dispensed from multivend machines. We all love surprises, don't we? In the business light, I understand that these vending machines have a lot of potential for those who are looking to start their own businesses.

tips for that memorable cruise holiday

So where do you start when planning a cruise holiday? First, ask yourself, what is your budget like?

When scheduling your cruise holiday, you should be aware that there are off and on season dates, and that you want to schedule your trip in the off season to get the best deal. What you may not know, however, is that cruise lines actually change prices a number of times throughout the year.

Ask and find out when their absolute lowest season prices are. In addition, keep your plans somewhat flexible so that you can change ships at the last minute. Sometimes a ship is not filled to capacity, so the cruise line will sell the last few tickets at a real bargain. It is always to their advantage to sail filled to capacity because people on holiday spend money on souvenirs, drinks, etc. Use this knowledge to get a really great deal. But if your dates are not flexible, don't wait too close to your travel dates to do your booking or you may not end up going for that cruise holiday at all :P

Is anything more luxurious than taking a cruise holiday?

I had a nice lunch with my good friends, Tracy and Eliza yesterday afternoon. We were talking about cruises and we all agreed that the Alaska cruise should be one that was not to be missed.

Is anything more luxurious than taking a cruise holiday? Traveling to exotic locations on a luxury ship, catching sunrays, and breathing the salty breezes can renew and replenish anyone, no matter how shopworn from the cares of work. However, a cruise holiday requires planning in order to be the best it can be. I'll be sharing in the next few posts of some tips to have a cruise experience you will remember. (since I'll be going on one myself soon :P)

I like a pull up bar

My leg magic is working great. Other than yesterday, I have been on it everyday for 2-3 minutes (1 minute interval) and it looks like I'm on my way for nicer legs by the time we leave for Hawaii -lolz! Well, I'm back to using my stretch band and rebounder, that's the nice thing about having a home gym; you save on traveling time to the gym and don't need to worry about parking and traffic. But I may consider getting one of the Pull Up Bars since it's a great equipment to exercise and tone those arm and shoulder muscles. I remembered doing well when I was in school on those pull ups exercises. I don't know about you but I definitely don't want 'bye bye' arms - that means, flabs on arms when you wave. Pull up bars are so easy to install in homes these days. Light and portable, you can even travel with it and they are so affordable.

what makes a woman see a man as romantic?

DH is not a romantic person so one day he asks me: What is it exactly that makes a woman see a man as romantic? Well, most of the time it's the little things that women notice (that men don't :P). A glance, a quick touch or brush across her back. Sure, flowers are nice, but haven't they almost become a clichÈ.

That's not to say women don't like flowers because they do, but if that's all you've got then it will only go so far. You have to mix it up, change your style and use your imagination to create romantic moments. Surprise her with her favourite concert tickets , delight her with a poem, make her a nice coffee...etc

The key factor in creating romantic moments is to put the lady's likes ahead of your own. Simple huh?

all that trouble of VISA application to the states

I only wish a VISA application to the US is less complicated than going through a series of procedures. First, you need to pay in advance your application and processing fee at Alliance Bank. Then you need to schedule an interview appointment, which normally is a week from the date of payment. AFter that, you need to fill in 3 sets of application forms ONLINE. - only ONLINE. I printed out the PDF format of the application form, thinking that since it's downloadable, then it should be printed out. But no - I was wrong. I actually need to fill in the forms online.

The best thing was the internet connection was down yesterday so I couldn't do all these at all. When I called up the embassy, the guy told me that I must visit a cybercafe if I can't get them filled and printed online - huh??? Thank God the line came back and I got everything settled.

After queuing and entering the gate, we were told that the photographs needed to be 5cm x 5cm with a white background - huh? Why didn't they emphasize this on their site if they are so strict. This means DH has to go back again on Monday... in other words, after almost two hours, no application was lodged :(

Singaporeans do not require a VISA to enter the US - thank God, that helps to save USD$100 shopping money!

growing up with disney

Which child doesn't like Disney? I grew up with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and so did you, right? Now, my three year old is enjoying Playhouse Disney so he's beginning to enjoy Mickey and friends. So I can imagine the excitement and joy on his face should we take him to Florida one day, it will be a super mega playground for him! No where in the world has 52 theme parks plus alot of 'fun-tertainment' like Orlando. The best way to fully take advantage of the good times is to take a look at the Vacation homes in Orlando, where you get more space, comforts of home and features for a real family vacation. What's great to know is that some of the rentals for these luxury vacation homes are cheaper than hotels and resorts in the region.

yearly check up due

It's time for another yearly check up for our family. I must admit that I've been slacking on this since Clayton was born. In fact, women who are eighteen and above should have their Physical Examination annually especially for the Pap Smear test. Women who are forty and up should have their mammograms and the Breast self-exam is encouraged once puberty has been reached and should be a habit as they mature. These facts are well supported by the medical professionals and we should take them seriously.

visit your dentist for good dental health

Are you afraid of the dentist? I am :P I don't like the sounds of the drilling and grinding of my teeth - yikes! But do you know that many of us have forgotten that we should visit the dentist regularly to keep that beautiful smile and maintain good dental health. You may think that brushing your teeth well is good enough but this is not necessary so. Having regular checks helps to ensure proper cleaning to prevent cavities and bad breath. So... will you mind the drilling and grinding for these good reasons?

teak furniture spells luxury

Anybody in for pool weddings and parties? I always think they are romantic and cool. Hanging around the pool, chatting with friends, decorating the area with plants and flowers and lighting candles in the nights. That's a perfect setting for a celebration!

But what you can't leave out is a nice set of teak furniture for your invited guests and friends. For special occasions like these, teak patio furniture adds that extra touch of luxury to the pool area. And you don't even need to worry about rains, winds or the strong sun rays. For a long time, teak furniture has always been linked to luxury and those with a discerning taste for quality. What matters when purchasing teak patio furniture is to ensure that you are getting the finest quality from a reliable source. Careful research pays in making your money worth.

06 September, 2007

choose the right holiday accommodation is key

I don't know about you but the choice of accommodation is my priority when I plan for our family vacation. This is because a nice accommodation can ensure a comfortable and memorable vacation and similarly, an accommodation that is far from expectations can be detrimental to your vacation fun.

So when it comes to choosing a holiday accommodation, I'll look out for photos and detailed information on the property. One good example is Think Florida, which displays more than a dozen photos for each of the Villa in Orlando. It also helps to take care of travelers' needs by including other services like car rental and ticket booking. What is important is renting a villa or condo directly with the site is cheaper than some of those Orlando packages. Booking direct also means more flexibility and better service in getting your vacation needs met.

how are you doing with your multiple niche blogs?

Don't know why but things are a little quiet for me this month at both Sponsored Reviews and Link worth. But after talking to few blogger friends, they seem to agree with this trend. Being a preferred partner at Linkworth, I definitely look forward to more linkposts and text link ads. In fact, I'm doing good at TEXT LINK ADS for my multiple niche blogs compared to Link Ads. Oh yes, I had a LinkSura and LinkMura last week and that was great! Though I had to get help from Ah Pek to install the LinkSura codes.. his explanation was so clear and easy - Linkworth should pay him for doing the support help :)

Let's hope for more Linkposts this month... more text link ads too for my multiple niche blogs, cos these are what we bloggers call - residual income :) How are you doing with your multiple niche blogs?

take time for a massage

I'm aching from my acupuncture and cupping treatments yesterday. My back was aching and leading to some discomforts on my right forearm. I'm wondering if it's due to too much blogging and those late nights, I felt like my body was running out of battery! I must say that these traditional massage treatments are great to tackle blood circulation issues as well as aches and pains. To me, it's better than those relaxing massages though it is equally nice to be pampered with those nice smelling essential oils in the spa. The best thing would be to do both and enjoy both experiences and treatments. That is beneficial for your overall health and well being. So take time to enjoy a massage when you can.