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19 September, 2007

children should learn good eating habits

It makes me wonder - why do children like junk food? It's strange. I don't even have to teach Clayton how to like french fries but when he sees them on the restaurant table, he'll ask for them. Besides, I don't even cook french fries at home. Kids don't need to be taught many things such as loving biscuits, junk food and candies. I'm particular with the snacks offered to Clayton as I believe that they should develop healthy eating habits from a young age. This will help avoid tooth decay, obesity, allergies and a whole lot of illnesses. But I'm not that strict too - he does get a treat from mommy every now and then. To help them develop healthy eating habits, we as parents should avoid stocking unhealthy snacks or junk foods in the house.

What do you think?

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