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24 November, 2010

Back from a Great Shopping Trip in Singapore

I'm back from a four nights stay in Singapore and it's so good to be back again. I was delighted to spend time with my family and close friends and wished I had a little more time.

As I didn't have wifi or broadband in mom's place, I couldn't go online and it took me a while before I got my microSIM from Singtel. I figured that was the best for me cos it only cost $12 and it lasted for 3 days at unlimited usage. At least with a connection, I can check my emails, do some reading, catch up with friends and even did some online shopping.

This was a real shopping trip for me as I stocked up all my Dr Hauschka skincare for a year and I had a great time picking up some cool stuff from Womb. I can never get enough of these funky and stylish tops and bottoms and I enjoyed the specialized service I received there.

Now that I'm back, it's back to packing and more packing in the next week or so before the movers are here. Time is running out... really.

18 November, 2010

What a Crazy and Eventful Day of Repairs

This is a crazy day as I waited for the contractor to start work on the leakage on the bathroom and ceiling. Little did I expect that the leakage can be so serious and my heart sank as I found out that they needed to hack the wall.

We weren't glad that this is happening when we are out of here in less than three weeks' time. But the leakage is so serious that we can't delay the repair works. After a full day of knocking, drilling and hacking, the contractor left me with a mess in the room. Dust was everywhere and I really hated the cleaning job when I'm home alone with an active and playful boy who demands my attention. The cleaning job took me two hours before we could finally head out for dinner. With all the dust collected on my face today, I think I need to dig out my acne products in the drawer.

Now that the boy is asleep and the night is quiet, it's time for me to finish up some stuff, pack my back for our trip home and get some rest. This had been an eventful day.

On Weight and Losing Calories

Due to my busy schedule I have stopped my Pilates classes since August and I can't wait to resume when I settle down in Brisbane. I've been very tied up with errands, packing and chores and it's hard to find time to step out for a couple of hours.

Though I'm not oversized and neither do I have to worry about excessive weight gain, I need to constantly tone up my flabby tummy on a regular basis. My metabolic rate has since increased after becoming a parent and I don't put on weight that easily like before. I used to read up information on diets for quick weight loss when I was younger but parenting sure takes up lots of energy and uses up lots of calories.

One of the great ways to lose calories is to go shopping! And this is something my hubby doesn't quite agree! haha. I am actually considering adding a luxury watch to my small collection before the move. Then again, it's not my priority and I'll probably go for the camera upgrade first. The weekends is coming and it's going to be a great one spent in Singapore... I'll never grow tired of this homeland!

Online Shopping - So convenient!

What will I do without online shopping, I sometimes wonder. Not that I shop frequently online but there are some things which can only be bought from the US and online shopping makes it possible to buy them.

In the last few years, I have been shopping for kids' apparel online and one of my favourite stores is Dpam.com. They offer free shopping with 100 euros on the bill and the clothing is a good deal when they are on sale. I have also bought vitamins and supplements online and one year, I bought a bottle of body acne wash for hubby. Online shopping tends to offer attractive discounts and you can save much with careful planning.

Perhaps I'll be shopping more online when I move down under and I heard that there are many nice local online stores to start with. Hmm... I think I'll better shift my focus to getting settled down instead of looking at the online stores!

Busy Schedule Before the Big Move

The clock is ticking and I'm counting down on the days to the big move to Brissy. Our last trip to Club Med was a nice one and it's now back to serious business of packing up and moving on.

I did most of my online shopping and managed to order couple of cardigan sweaters before the move. There are some beauty skincare that I wanna buy from Singapore since I know I won't be able to get them in Brisbane. Melbourne is probably the nearest city to buy them and I don't suppose I may go there in the next three months.

I'm toying with the idea of a new Nikon and the D7000 is enticing! But I would need to sell my D80 to offset the cost of the new camera! There are a few other things I would like to get before the move and it looks like the list of to-dos is never ending. What's worse is that there are some renovation works going on in the house during to a leakage and it's eating into my busy schedule!

It's now back to finishing my assignments before my final trip to Singapore before the move. I can't wait to head home again...