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18 November, 2010

On Weight and Losing Calories

Due to my busy schedule I have stopped my Pilates classes since August and I can't wait to resume when I settle down in Brisbane. I've been very tied up with errands, packing and chores and it's hard to find time to step out for a couple of hours.

Though I'm not oversized and neither do I have to worry about excessive weight gain, I need to constantly tone up my flabby tummy on a regular basis. My metabolic rate has since increased after becoming a parent and I don't put on weight that easily like before. I used to read up information on diets for quick weight loss when I was younger but parenting sure takes up lots of energy and uses up lots of calories.

One of the great ways to lose calories is to go shopping! And this is something my hubby doesn't quite agree! haha. I am actually considering adding a luxury watch to my small collection before the move. Then again, it's not my priority and I'll probably go for the camera upgrade first. The weekends is coming and it's going to be a great one spent in Singapore... I'll never grow tired of this homeland!

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