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24 September, 2009

Do Your Best as a Work at Home Mom

The boy has gone to school this morning and finally I can sit down and start some real work today. Time is so important for any work at home mom as you need to plan your schedule well throughout the day. You can't help but be a multi tasker.

For all mothers, we are extremely anxious when our children are not well as that will affect our work, life and routine. I'm thankful for healthcare professionals and health insurance for without these, anxieties can be more. These days, people are searching for low cost health insurance especially with the current economy. It is good that in Asia, we are seeing signs of recovery but according to many financial experts, this may not be that rosy after all.

Whatever it may be for the economy outlook, life needs to go on and we just have to do our best in whatever we are placed to do. If you are a work at home mom, work at it with all your heart and be the best that you can be. For stay at home moms, your hands are just as full so make the best of your time and be good at it too!

22 September, 2009

Work at Home Mom and the Raya Break

I was too shocked to hear that the school would be closed for six days including the weekends for the Raya holidays. For the work at home moms, that was sure a not-so-good news! Six days at home would mean six days of off days from the home office. Know what I mean?

Coming from Singapore, it was hard to accept impromptu holidays like that. Singapore schools normally follow the school calendar and they don't shut for no rhyme or reason. Anyways, I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the 'long holidays' with my active boy around. We did quite alot of things - playing junior scrabble, junior monopoly, build blocks, play educational games on the computer, had dinners with his favourite uncle and even went for a picnic at Lakeside Gardens with some friends yesterday. It wasn't easy keeping him occupied every hour but we made it after five straight days!

It is a wonder how kids have so much energy that they sure need no fat burner like adults do! They can keep going on and on and not knowing what the word 'tired' means. Or maybe my boy is just one of them. He is so energetic and it's even funnier when he tells me that 'rest is boring!'

Well, it's one more day for the raya holidays for his school. I'm thankful that the school has chosen not to shut for a whole week. So one more day of late wakings and all day play and school will resume on Thursday. It would also mean the work at home mom gets back to her home office with no interruptions and not having to juggle between his computer games and my online work.

11 September, 2009

Little Pleasures for the Work at Home Mom

I've been reading a few books by Dr James Dobson in the last few months. He is someone I respect and I have learned alot from his books and video on discipline, parenting, marriage and life issues. Personally, I believe we as work at home moms must constantly upgrade ourselves and increase our knowledge in family and life issues.

To maintain sanity, I do believe that it's important for every work at home mom to put in some effort to stay healthy and look good, even though she's working from home most of the time. Go for a facial once a month to get rid of those blackhead, get a massage to relax and rid of those tension, chill out with a girl friend or relax over a cup of tea. It is so important to look after your wellness amidst life's stresses.

Believe it or not, some of these little pleasures in life can help to spur you on and grant you the motivation to keep going as a work at home mom when the going gets tough. When is the last time you do something for yourself?

The Challenges of Work at Home Moms

In life, there are always ups and downs. The work at home mom is not exempted from low moments and struggles in her journey to build a home based business.

Imagine having to deal with your child's crankiness in the morning before hurrying him off to breakfast and beating the morning traffic. A stay at home mom has to deal with this every morning and sometimes, she will feel like throwing the white towel and says "Suits you, do what you want!"

Recently, a work at home mom/friend of mine told me that her son had stopped attending school because getting him to school every morning was such a chore. He would kick a fuss, cry and throw tantrums. The parents decided to keep him at home instead and resorting to personal home schooling.

The work at home mom has to take care of more than just her home business. She has to do grocery shopping, clean the house (for some), cook, does laundry, teaches her kids and sometimes, even fit the faucets in the house when they fail to work.

Being a work at home mom requires lots of strength, grace, endurance, patience and determination. There are times she wishes the man of her life will understand her sacrifice, pain, struggle and heartaches. But sadly, sometimes her wishes have gone unnoticed and her efforts unnoticed. If you are one of those as described, take heart, keep your faith and don't quit.

08 September, 2009

Our trip to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Pool

The trip to Sungai Klah hot spring was a nice one on Sunday. I had experienced hot springs in Hakone, Hokkaido and Rotorua but in Malaysia - that was our first encounter. It was not bad.

Our drive to Sungai Klah hot springs from Petaling Jaya took about slightly over an hour. It was pretty easy to get there with as there are many signs leading to the hot springs. After purchasing the tickets, we needed to drive into the car park and it was only a short walk leading to the Mountain Springs Pool and Hot Springs Pool. During our visit, the mountains springs pool was closed for renovation and we were told that it would be re-opened during the Raya holidays.

There wasn't much crowd that morning so we didn't have to worry about the pool being too crowded. The kids took off right away when Uncle Alex led them into the hot springs pool. They didn't seem to have any problems with the 'hot' water in the pool! The adults took a while to get used to dipping in the hot water. One tip for those who are new to hot springs pool: Dip yourself into the pool for 5-10 minutes and get up. You will feel 'cooler' and more comfortable. The first dipping experience might not be pleasant during the first minute but it only took a little while to get used to the temperature.

The children had lots of fun and we had a little picnic when we had enough of the hot springs. We gave the private jacuzzi a miss as it was too expensive - RM75 per hour. At a height of 3 ft - 4 ft, it wasn't suitable for children too.

So it was a nice outing to Sungai Klah before heading to Bidor for Duck Thigh Noodles. Don't forget to buy some local guavas, jambus and cempedak before heading home. Petai fans can buy fresh ones from the road side stores. Here's another tip: Make sure you did the fruit choosing on your own. Otherwise, watch closely if you have requested the fruit stall seller to do the choosing.

05 September, 2009

Featuring "Are You Being Served"?

While talking to a friend on messenger the other day, I am reminded that I have been away from Singapore for coming ten years. Well, that's a long time. Even though I have been living outside Singapore for that long, I have always felt so at home when I am back. It feels good to patronize familiar shops, walk on familiar streets and eat the familiar dishes.

Over the years, Singapore has been known for her fast and advanced developments in many industries including education, economic and also tourism. Travelers and even the locals demand alot from the Singapore service industry. Therefore Singapore retailers and business providers are expected to deliver in the area of customer service. But let's face it... there will be occasions where you feel that the service standards in Singapore do not deliver. I know that cos I'm a born and bred Singaporean and both DH and myself have been marketing Customer Service Guru, Ron Kaufman's programs in Malaysia.

So if you are one of those who have something good and not-so-good to share in the recent experience you just had with regards to the service you received, Are You Being Served is the blog to pen your thoughts. This is a blog that allows readers to share freely their experiences and opinions about their encounters, or even suggest a 'mission' for the service squad. While the blog provides unbiased opinions, you can be certain that your comments will be published unless you decide to go overboard with your language. The purpose is to provide a platform for other readers to learn and share with each other while upholding the service standards of Singapore.

To learn more about the real missions from the service squad, let me invite you to visit the blog and learn about Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story. Have fun and enjoy!


Long Weekend Again for the Work At Home Mom

It's another long weekend this week but it seems like there are so many things being lined up this time. Basically, the work at home mom takes a break when the active kindergarten boy takes his.

We are off to Sungai Klah hot springs tomorrow with a group of friends. I reckon that will be a lot of family fun for all of us. I had experienced hot springs in Japan and New Zealand but never in Malaysia! I am geared up to take some video and photo shots for the excursion. It's been a while since we take such trips locally other than the nice drive to Bukit Tinggi last weekend.

Today, I had a conversation with a church friend who has a son suffering from epilepsy when he was five months old. Before talking to her, I was a weary soul wondering how to cope with my very active child. But after that short chat, I felt convicted of my impatience and ungratefulness. I have forgotten to treasure and record my child's little progress in life. I have taken his milestones for granted. I felt embarrassed. She helped me regained my joy of parenting. I found myself thanking God for all His blessings upon Clayton and my family.

I am grateful...