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05 September, 2009

Featuring "Are You Being Served"?

While talking to a friend on messenger the other day, I am reminded that I have been away from Singapore for coming ten years. Well, that's a long time. Even though I have been living outside Singapore for that long, I have always felt so at home when I am back. It feels good to patronize familiar shops, walk on familiar streets and eat the familiar dishes.

Over the years, Singapore has been known for her fast and advanced developments in many industries including education, economic and also tourism. Travelers and even the locals demand alot from the Singapore service industry. Therefore Singapore retailers and business providers are expected to deliver in the area of customer service. But let's face it... there will be occasions where you feel that the service standards in Singapore do not deliver. I know that cos I'm a born and bred Singaporean and both DH and myself have been marketing Customer Service Guru, Ron Kaufman's programs in Malaysia.

So if you are one of those who have something good and not-so-good to share in the recent experience you just had with regards to the service you received, Are You Being Served is the blog to pen your thoughts. This is a blog that allows readers to share freely their experiences and opinions about their encounters, or even suggest a 'mission' for the service squad. While the blog provides unbiased opinions, you can be certain that your comments will be published unless you decide to go overboard with your language. The purpose is to provide a platform for other readers to learn and share with each other while upholding the service standards of Singapore.

To learn more about the real missions from the service squad, let me invite you to visit the blog and learn about Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story. Have fun and enjoy!


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