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08 September, 2009

Our trip to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Pool

The trip to Sungai Klah hot spring was a nice one on Sunday. I had experienced hot springs in Hakone, Hokkaido and Rotorua but in Malaysia - that was our first encounter. It was not bad.

Our drive to Sungai Klah hot springs from Petaling Jaya took about slightly over an hour. It was pretty easy to get there with as there are many signs leading to the hot springs. After purchasing the tickets, we needed to drive into the car park and it was only a short walk leading to the Mountain Springs Pool and Hot Springs Pool. During our visit, the mountains springs pool was closed for renovation and we were told that it would be re-opened during the Raya holidays.

There wasn't much crowd that morning so we didn't have to worry about the pool being too crowded. The kids took off right away when Uncle Alex led them into the hot springs pool. They didn't seem to have any problems with the 'hot' water in the pool! The adults took a while to get used to dipping in the hot water. One tip for those who are new to hot springs pool: Dip yourself into the pool for 5-10 minutes and get up. You will feel 'cooler' and more comfortable. The first dipping experience might not be pleasant during the first minute but it only took a little while to get used to the temperature.

The children had lots of fun and we had a little picnic when we had enough of the hot springs. We gave the private jacuzzi a miss as it was too expensive - RM75 per hour. At a height of 3 ft - 4 ft, it wasn't suitable for children too.

So it was a nice outing to Sungai Klah before heading to Bidor for Duck Thigh Noodles. Don't forget to buy some local guavas, jambus and cempedak before heading home. Petai fans can buy fresh ones from the road side stores. Here's another tip: Make sure you did the fruit choosing on your own. Otherwise, watch closely if you have requested the fruit stall seller to do the choosing.

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