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11 September, 2009

The Challenges of Work at Home Moms

In life, there are always ups and downs. The work at home mom is not exempted from low moments and struggles in her journey to build a home based business.

Imagine having to deal with your child's crankiness in the morning before hurrying him off to breakfast and beating the morning traffic. A stay at home mom has to deal with this every morning and sometimes, she will feel like throwing the white towel and says "Suits you, do what you want!"

Recently, a work at home mom/friend of mine told me that her son had stopped attending school because getting him to school every morning was such a chore. He would kick a fuss, cry and throw tantrums. The parents decided to keep him at home instead and resorting to personal home schooling.

The work at home mom has to take care of more than just her home business. She has to do grocery shopping, clean the house (for some), cook, does laundry, teaches her kids and sometimes, even fit the faucets in the house when they fail to work.

Being a work at home mom requires lots of strength, grace, endurance, patience and determination. There are times she wishes the man of her life will understand her sacrifice, pain, struggle and heartaches. But sadly, sometimes her wishes have gone unnoticed and her efforts unnoticed. If you are one of those as described, take heart, keep your faith and don't quit.

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