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19 February, 2013

Chinese New Year Goodies

If I live in Singapore or Malaysia, I may still feel the festive ambience of Chinese New Year but because this is not Asia, it's just another day of everyday routine.

But I did worked towards a Chinese New Year mood by baking all my favourite goodies including pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, almond cookies and included a couple of new cookies. It was nice to share around with friends and it brought back childhood memories of goodies snacking. I made two batches of pineapple tarts and I was glad the paste turned out better than last year. I tried out sugi almond cookies and these sinful morsels turned out to be one of the favourites among my friends. The spirit of sharing made Chinese New Year meaningful here though I reminisced those childhood years of ang pow collection. In those days, spring cleaning was essential before CNY and every household would be busy cleaning up their homes, fixing up stuff, decorating them with festive colours. Some people will go into the detail of fixing bar knobs and making sure every corner of their homes are spick and span. For me, the CNY snacks helped us compensate what we miss back home and I had to say that making those delicious and fattening cookies had been enjoyable.


Happy Chinese New Year

I have been absent for too long and it's just hard to put in all the chronicles after a long break. It was a 6 weeks break in Asia then before I knew it, this is the fourth week of school term 1! 

Nothing much had changed except for a new 'baby' in the kitchen - my Philips Air Fryer! Oh yes, I have been experimenting lots of things with it and it's just a useful appliance to have at home.
This was a cake done for our CNY home group gathering. I was happy that I did a mango rose and it turned out better than expected. The little jellies complement the delicate texture of the japanese cheesecake. Everyone loves this passionfruit mango jap cheesecake and it makes me happy to see smiles on their faces. This is the joy of cooking and baking... 

Happy Chinese New Year to all.