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28 March, 2009

work at home mom takes his son swimming

The work at home mom is excited when Saturday arrives and so is the preschooler at home! He can't wait to go EC Swim and last Saturday, he stopped removing his goggles during his swimming class and that was the first breakthrough for him.

Can't wait to award him a nice warship when he learns how to swim breast stroke in months to come!

optimizing my sites as I earn money from home

Has another week gone past? One can lose track of time and date when working from home. All I know is that the weekends is here and it will be soon gone!

This is another busy week as I optimized all my websites since I'm now earning money from home full time. I begin to realize that if you want to earn money from home via the internet, it has to be done full-time. Kudos to those who have a day job and can still earn money from home with an online business on the side - it is really hard work!

Besides a Compare Hotels website that allows you to search cheapest accomodation deals from luxury hotels to historic hotels, Search Your Hotels provides travel resources and articles for those who like to gather some travel information.

Then it's another Wedding Shopping site I have set up and would be making some adjustments to the niche. I am beginning to realize that niche sites are the way to go if you want to earn money from home through your blogs and sites.

It's comforting to see that eversince I optimize my sites, my adsense is looking healthier compared to the last few months. It is truly encouraging.

I just completed another Natural Health store today and would be launching it in the next few days. There are still two more sites waiting to be set up and I'm excited to get them completed!

So much for updates on how I'm planning to earn money from home, parenting at home is becoming more meaningful everyday and I'm learning to enjoy every bit of it. Working at home allows me to cook at home daily and making sure everyone gets a healthy meal. Though it's time consuming but it's always nice sitting down together for a family meal.

That's it for a quick update and I hope those who observe the Earth Hour will continue to stay eco conscious for the rest of the day.

19 March, 2009

you too can be making money at home

School holidays is fun for all the children. They can sleep in, watch their favourite cartoons, play toys and take a nice break. But for the mom who works from home, it's major disruption and a forced vacation!

More mothers are making money at home these days. While many are tapping on the potential of internet technology like myself, there are other work at home moms who are making money at home with their skills.

I know of some who bake very well and with the encouragement of friends and family have started their own baking business from home. It is nice to be making money at home - little or much - small or big. It's not about 'money' but feeling 'useful' and independent.

Of course, there are those who like to start a small home business so that they too can be making money from home but due to children commitment or a busy travel schedule, they can't stick to something permanent.

There are also more and more men making money at home too. Starting an internet business is the most common and online trading is another. From setting affiliate stores to sell automotive performance parts to digital gadgets, these stay at home dads are becoming enterprising.

Making money at home is something many people like to achieve and all it takes is to discover the world of home businesses out there. Can you sew, knit, bake, craft, market, blog, design, type or teach? If you can do any of these, you may be just a step closer to making that work at home dream come true!

18 March, 2009

the work at home mom is back

Oh, have this work at home mom disappeared for that long... time seems to fly so fast, I don't even realize that I haven't updated this blog for more than a week!

I was away for a few days from the start of the one week school holidays. It's been a while since I last made a trip to Singapore.

With the current economic situation, I managed to refrain from my regular shopping this trip except for grabbing some clothing for Clayton. He's outgrowing most of his t-shirts and so he's got a few new items added to his little wardrobe.

In the home office, I'm busy adding content and articles to my new sites while working on backlinks for those new niche sites. It's been fun searching for new niches and developing new sets of keywords.

While this is school holiday week, there won't be alot of work scheduled in the home office since I have a busy preschooler visiting the home office every now and then. I suppose most work at home moms would have to take this week off with their regular schedule disrupted by their little tikes.

Moving forward, I am looking forward to a break from the home office and onto my Pilates class tomorrow. Yippee!

07 March, 2009

long weekend for the work at home mom

After a long and busy week, it's time for a break from the home office.

The challenge of a work at home mom is to clearly detach herself from the home office during the weekends. It's tempting to stay in the home office a little longer and forget about spending quality time with the family. These days, I make a conscious effort to spend less time in the home office during the weekends.

Perhaps that's the reason why some work at home moms take a longer holiday at the end of the year so that they could officially take a break from the home office. I recalled checking on extended stay hotels during long school holidays. With the current economic situation, it's probably wise to travel regionally and take a break from long haul vacations too.

So it's long weekend here in Malaysia, more reason for the work at home moms to take an extended break from the home office. Have a good weekend.

06 March, 2009

the work at home learns to swim properly

Well.... I don't even know that I haven't posted for more than a week! I've been terribly busy working at home and running errands throughout the week. Not forgetting adding more niche sites to my online business!

This week has been exciting for me. Besides the usual work at home duties and responsibilities, it was my first lesson in ECSwim. I've decided to learn how to swim properly. Knowing how to float in the water isn't good enough at all especially when my son is learning how to swim properly too!

I sneaked out some time before returning to work at home on Wednesday and had a very good session. I had not had my head submerged underwater for a long time! Personally, I was glad to overcome that 'fear factor' in my head and yes, it was a nice break from the home office too. I have to admit that swimming is such a great form of exercise. If all weight watchers were to pick up swimming, they probably won't need appetite suppressant pills anymore!

Our family photo CD just arrived in the mailbox this morning. All I can say is that Jenny did a great job with our family photos and viewing those fun pictures was a distraction before I could get down to work at home.

Here are some for your peeks and have a great weekend and take a break from your home office :)