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18 March, 2009

the work at home mom is back

Oh, have this work at home mom disappeared for that long... time seems to fly so fast, I don't even realize that I haven't updated this blog for more than a week!

I was away for a few days from the start of the one week school holidays. It's been a while since I last made a trip to Singapore.

With the current economic situation, I managed to refrain from my regular shopping this trip except for grabbing some clothing for Clayton. He's outgrowing most of his t-shirts and so he's got a few new items added to his little wardrobe.

In the home office, I'm busy adding content and articles to my new sites while working on backlinks for those new niche sites. It's been fun searching for new niches and developing new sets of keywords.

While this is school holiday week, there won't be alot of work scheduled in the home office since I have a busy preschooler visiting the home office every now and then. I suppose most work at home moms would have to take this week off with their regular schedule disrupted by their little tikes.

Moving forward, I am looking forward to a break from the home office and onto my Pilates class tomorrow. Yippee!

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