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19 March, 2009

you too can be making money at home

School holidays is fun for all the children. They can sleep in, watch their favourite cartoons, play toys and take a nice break. But for the mom who works from home, it's major disruption and a forced vacation!

More mothers are making money at home these days. While many are tapping on the potential of internet technology like myself, there are other work at home moms who are making money at home with their skills.

I know of some who bake very well and with the encouragement of friends and family have started their own baking business from home. It is nice to be making money at home - little or much - small or big. It's not about 'money' but feeling 'useful' and independent.

Of course, there are those who like to start a small home business so that they too can be making money from home but due to children commitment or a busy travel schedule, they can't stick to something permanent.

There are also more and more men making money at home too. Starting an internet business is the most common and online trading is another. From setting affiliate stores to sell automotive performance parts to digital gadgets, these stay at home dads are becoming enterprising.

Making money at home is something many people like to achieve and all it takes is to discover the world of home businesses out there. Can you sew, knit, bake, craft, market, blog, design, type or teach? If you can do any of these, you may be just a step closer to making that work at home dream come true!

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