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28 March, 2009

optimizing my sites as I earn money from home

Has another week gone past? One can lose track of time and date when working from home. All I know is that the weekends is here and it will be soon gone!

This is another busy week as I optimized all my websites since I'm now earning money from home full time. I begin to realize that if you want to earn money from home via the internet, it has to be done full-time. Kudos to those who have a day job and can still earn money from home with an online business on the side - it is really hard work!

Besides a Compare Hotels website that allows you to search cheapest accomodation deals from luxury hotels to historic hotels, Search Your Hotels provides travel resources and articles for those who like to gather some travel information.

Then it's another Wedding Shopping site I have set up and would be making some adjustments to the niche. I am beginning to realize that niche sites are the way to go if you want to earn money from home through your blogs and sites.

It's comforting to see that eversince I optimize my sites, my adsense is looking healthier compared to the last few months. It is truly encouraging.

I just completed another Natural Health store today and would be launching it in the next few days. There are still two more sites waiting to be set up and I'm excited to get them completed!

So much for updates on how I'm planning to earn money from home, parenting at home is becoming more meaningful everyday and I'm learning to enjoy every bit of it. Working at home allows me to cook at home daily and making sure everyone gets a healthy meal. Though it's time consuming but it's always nice sitting down together for a family meal.

That's it for a quick update and I hope those who observe the Earth Hour will continue to stay eco conscious for the rest of the day.

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