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14 November, 2011

Less Baking and More Packing

The week has been quiet but very busy since DH left for Malaysia. It's tiring doing the school and activity runs on my own but I'm coping well.

In less than two weeks' time, school is out for 2011 and it's vacation time for most. It's been an amazing year and I'm so thankful for everything. Though I didn't like the idea of moving another time, I'm thankful that we found a nice place. Though I didn't like clearing the yard for the fussy owner to do the concrete works, I'm thankful for strength to do the clearance and for friends who so graciously look after my plants. I miss my herbs and veggies and can't wait to grow them again next year in the new place.

I've started group fitness training and it's been so tiring. It's good to know that I'm toning up and burning calories but I didn't like wobbly knees the next day! Now that DH is not here, I'm baking less cos there isn't anyone to share the sweets! I'd love to share them with friends but I just don't want them to get bored with my baking pleasures. Less sweets for me means less weight gain! I'm one of those who never seem to be bothered with the best weight loss pill though I know of people who use weight loss aids.

So the packing begins... it feels like a year ago where we had to pack and do the big move. This one is smaller... that's for sure.

07 November, 2011

House Settled, Move will be Next

After some stressful weeks of home inspections, we had finally confirmed our place for next year! What a relief! I was praying hard that it would all be settled before Alex leaves for his long trip.

Looking back, God has opened doors for this house and I was very sure He would do the same for the next. He is faithful. I'm glad that I don't have to do anymore house inspections and though I dread the move, I am happy to move into a house soon. Last week had been a busy one for me as I moved all my plants to friends' homes. I am missing my mini cherry tomato plant and my french beans! They were growing so well and I miss watering and caring for them. I can't wait to have a vege patch when I move into the house next year!

The next few weeks will be different as DH won't be here. I'll be doing all the school runs and packing. My friend whom I used to do coffee with is looking out for Pharmacy Technician Jobs so I will be without a partner when she starts working.

This week, it's cooking time again with my 'teacher-friend' and I can't wait to learn something new with these lovely ladies. It's life here in Brissy and I'll be missing these things in three weeks' time!