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20 February, 2010

Weekend Ramble While Staying at Home

What do you do on a hot and humid weekend? There is no way we are hanging out under this scorching heat and so, staying at home is the best bet in order to keep ourselves away from the heat. I figure that my work at home hubby has enough of malls so resting at home would be best since school will start for Clayton next week.

Due to the long festive holiday, I have a pile of overdue online assignments and I'm still rushing to finish them. There are things that I need to do, including doing some online research, reading sleeping aid reviews and settling some banking stuff. There is no end to chores and duties. No wonder there is this familiar phrase of 'So much to do and too little time'.

It's February now and I can't believe we are entering March in a week's time. DH suggested that we should do up our online business website as we prepare for our move to Oz in December. It is both exciting and 'scary' since we are uprooting after ten years here in this place. It's a longer time for DH but for me, it's 10 years here and I'm ready to move on.

Here's wishing everyone, work at home moms and dads and everyone else a good weekend. And don't forget to take time to smell the roses.

Beauty and Heath: Two Good Niche Topics

It always amazes me how technology has dominated our lives greatly. Without it, I don't think I can be a work at home mom and without it, we won't be doing things faster and better. Then again, I must admit that there is always a downside to all things.

There are some businesses out there that are thriving with the help of technology coupled with traditional methods. One of them is hair loss treatment which can be seen in many advertising pages in the newspapers everyday. Many companies are resorting to herbal products to promote hair growth and using technology to accelerate it.

Even though I have a baldy work at home husband, I'm never bothered about his hair style cos I think I won't be too used to him having a head full of hair! Being bald isn't a bad thing for him cos he saves time and money on haircuts and he doesn't have to worry about shampoo and grey hairs! Another upside is, he's looking younger than many friends his age!

Talking about hair loss, this is a good niche to consider if you are working on an online business but just be warned that there's lots of competition out there on this topic too. Beauty and health are two huge topics that can lead to many micro niches which seen many successful affiliates in the Net. If affiliate marketing is not your cup of tea as yet, these topics are also good for adsense but you need to make sure your micro niches have relevant traffic and searches to see the real clicks.

19 February, 2010

Work at Home Mom on Age Spots

I've never been very concerned about aging until I spotted a few brown spots on my face lately. When you are a work at home mom, you have a bit more time in front of the mirror so when there's a new spot on your face, it is noticeable!

Well, work aside, beauty is a big concern whether you are a work at home mom or a corporate working mom. No woman likes to have an age spot appearing on the face or body, it can be very disturbing. Since I discovered those brown spots, I have been searching for a good product for it. Many of the these spot fading products contain chemicals which may be harmful for the skin. As such, I try to turn to organic or natural ones. I just bought an organic spot fader from Camocare Organics and would monitor the results in the next few weeks.

One good thing about working at home is that I don't go out much and thus, I can avoid the harmful sun rays which is the cause for brown and age spots. Then again, working at home does require me to faithfully put on my sunblock as the light rays can also affect skin pigmentation.

Enough on age spots and beauty, I have two more days of rest before the real work begins next week. For now, it's TGIF!

Work at Home Mom Back from Chinese New Year

Yes, it's been a long time again... the home office was closed for Chinese New Year and it was another break for the work at home mom.

It is always nice to be back home in Singapore... am I missing the pigeon hole, I wonder :) Well, I miss the convenience of public transport and safety. Minus the crowded streets in Orchard, I just love hanging around familiar shops and places. This trip was meaningful as I had dinner with a very dear family who is very special to my heart.

A trip to Guardian Pharmacy had impressed me so much. I was so happy that I could find Akin organic and natural skincare products in GP. Not only are there a few other organic skin and personal care products, there are some clinical acne skin products as well. I was enjoying my shopping experience in Guardian!

Another nice thing was, I could spend some time with my mom as we took her out for a few meals. Though she wasn't a shopper like me, I took her to Ion Orchard, Somerset 313 and Orchard Central. It was a nice and casual outing for us.

Now that I'm back, I need to clear so overdue assignments and the break will soon be over for the work at home mom. I'm missing that already!

07 February, 2010

Parenting and Work at Home is a Big Job

In few days' time, I'm due for another long break for Chinese New Year. Like it or not, February has come so fast and very soon, the first quarter of the year will be over! Parenting and work at home has been better since ASP started for Clayton though I find my schedule packed with activities and responsibilities everyday.

With the rapid growth in technology, kids are learning at a faster pace and the reach for information has been much easier than before. As work at home parents, we get to screen the information received by our child and there is alot of education to do along the way. It is not uncommon for families to have xbox, playstation and electronic games at home, I know that many parents buy their young children iPods and iTouch to keep them occupied.

While the change of lifestyle may not be all that bad for the next generation, we who are parenting and work at home need to be more vigilant. Parenting is a big job, isn't it?

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04 February, 2010

Work at Home Celebrates

It was such a busy day for me yesterday cos it was DH's birthday and we wanted to make a cake for him! The nice thing about working at home is that I can multitask and do my baking during my break from the home office.

In the previous years, I had done a chicken roast dinner for the family as DH is one person who likes to celebrate his birthday in a quiet manner. I mean, he prefers not to disclose his age to all his friends - not that he really cares :) But we like to keep things simple and big celebrations just don't sit well for us. So I did some shopping for the baking and whipped up a moist chocolate cake with frosting in the evening when Clayton returned from school. Though he didn't helped much, it was nice to get him involved!

It is hard to buy DH a present as he doesn't really need anything! Maybe I should consider getting him a nordictrack coupon since he just broke his gym stick few days ago! Then again, we are heading to watch our long awaited Avatar movie in 3D tomorrow! Finally!

It's going to be a mad rush for me in the home office before the Chinese New Year holiday break! I just can't wait to go back to Singapore - I miss my hometown!