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19 February, 2010

Work at Home Mom on Age Spots

I've never been very concerned about aging until I spotted a few brown spots on my face lately. When you are a work at home mom, you have a bit more time in front of the mirror so when there's a new spot on your face, it is noticeable!

Well, work aside, beauty is a big concern whether you are a work at home mom or a corporate working mom. No woman likes to have an age spot appearing on the face or body, it can be very disturbing. Since I discovered those brown spots, I have been searching for a good product for it. Many of the these spot fading products contain chemicals which may be harmful for the skin. As such, I try to turn to organic or natural ones. I just bought an organic spot fader from Camocare Organics and would monitor the results in the next few weeks.

One good thing about working at home is that I don't go out much and thus, I can avoid the harmful sun rays which is the cause for brown and age spots. Then again, working at home does require me to faithfully put on my sunblock as the light rays can also affect skin pigmentation.

Enough on age spots and beauty, I have two more days of rest before the real work begins next week. For now, it's TGIF!

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