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04 February, 2010

Work at Home Celebrates

It was such a busy day for me yesterday cos it was DH's birthday and we wanted to make a cake for him! The nice thing about working at home is that I can multitask and do my baking during my break from the home office.

In the previous years, I had done a chicken roast dinner for the family as DH is one person who likes to celebrate his birthday in a quiet manner. I mean, he prefers not to disclose his age to all his friends - not that he really cares :) But we like to keep things simple and big celebrations just don't sit well for us. So I did some shopping for the baking and whipped up a moist chocolate cake with frosting in the evening when Clayton returned from school. Though he didn't helped much, it was nice to get him involved!

It is hard to buy DH a present as he doesn't really need anything! Maybe I should consider getting him a nordictrack coupon since he just broke his gym stick few days ago! Then again, we are heading to watch our long awaited Avatar movie in 3D tomorrow! Finally!

It's going to be a mad rush for me in the home office before the Chinese New Year holiday break! I just can't wait to go back to Singapore - I miss my hometown!

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