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29 January, 2010

Work At Home Mom Shares on Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress

I can understand how difficult it is to work at home when you have two kids to handle besides those tiresome chores for the house. It is not easy succeeding in this balancing act without stress or challenges.

In the past few weeks, I find myself feeling tired before 11pm at night. This is almost the end of the first month since Clayton started going back to school, and my waking hours are earlier than before. It's also an adjustment for him after that long holiday break of late nights and late wakings. Life is filled with adjustments and changes. We just have to learn to be versatile and resilient.

I am looking forward to next week as After School Program will be starting for him. My online business buddy just shared a wonderful wordpress plugin for me that can help with auto blogging. This will not replace my blogging content but rather, adds value to the blog's content. I find it worth a try cos it's just so hard to keep up with so many blogs by myself in my home office when I have a whole list of things to do at home. Besides, the plugin allows me to post my affiliate links with amazon and clickbank, making way for more opportunities to earn some money from my blogs.

So whatever your niche blog is, be it life insurance blog or food blog, this auto blogging plugin can be useful in your online business, especially in keeping your posts fresh. Like it or not, you would need to invest in some softwares and online programs if you are seriously about working from home. Click here to view more details on the Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress

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