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07 February, 2010

Parenting and Work at Home is a Big Job

In few days' time, I'm due for another long break for Chinese New Year. Like it or not, February has come so fast and very soon, the first quarter of the year will be over! Parenting and work at home has been better since ASP started for Clayton though I find my schedule packed with activities and responsibilities everyday.

With the rapid growth in technology, kids are learning at a faster pace and the reach for information has been much easier than before. As work at home parents, we get to screen the information received by our child and there is alot of education to do along the way. It is not uncommon for families to have xbox, playstation and electronic games at home, I know that many parents buy their young children iPods and iTouch to keep them occupied.

While the change of lifestyle may not be all that bad for the next generation, we who are parenting and work at home need to be more vigilant. Parenting is a big job, isn't it?

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