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06 March, 2009

the work at home learns to swim properly

Well.... I don't even know that I haven't posted for more than a week! I've been terribly busy working at home and running errands throughout the week. Not forgetting adding more niche sites to my online business!

This week has been exciting for me. Besides the usual work at home duties and responsibilities, it was my first lesson in ECSwim. I've decided to learn how to swim properly. Knowing how to float in the water isn't good enough at all especially when my son is learning how to swim properly too!

I sneaked out some time before returning to work at home on Wednesday and had a very good session. I had not had my head submerged underwater for a long time! Personally, I was glad to overcome that 'fear factor' in my head and yes, it was a nice break from the home office too. I have to admit that swimming is such a great form of exercise. If all weight watchers were to pick up swimming, they probably won't need appetite suppressant pills anymore!

Our family photo CD just arrived in the mailbox this morning. All I can say is that Jenny did a great job with our family photos and viewing those fun pictures was a distraction before I could get down to work at home.

Here are some for your peeks and have a great weekend and take a break from your home office :)

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Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Nice pictures. Love the colours.