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05 September, 2009

Long Weekend Again for the Work At Home Mom

It's another long weekend this week but it seems like there are so many things being lined up this time. Basically, the work at home mom takes a break when the active kindergarten boy takes his.

We are off to Sungai Klah hot springs tomorrow with a group of friends. I reckon that will be a lot of family fun for all of us. I had experienced hot springs in Japan and New Zealand but never in Malaysia! I am geared up to take some video and photo shots for the excursion. It's been a while since we take such trips locally other than the nice drive to Bukit Tinggi last weekend.

Today, I had a conversation with a church friend who has a son suffering from epilepsy when he was five months old. Before talking to her, I was a weary soul wondering how to cope with my very active child. But after that short chat, I felt convicted of my impatience and ungratefulness. I have forgotten to treasure and record my child's little progress in life. I have taken his milestones for granted. I felt embarrassed. She helped me regained my joy of parenting. I found myself thanking God for all His blessings upon Clayton and my family.

I am grateful...

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