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22 September, 2009

Work at Home Mom and the Raya Break

I was too shocked to hear that the school would be closed for six days including the weekends for the Raya holidays. For the work at home moms, that was sure a not-so-good news! Six days at home would mean six days of off days from the home office. Know what I mean?

Coming from Singapore, it was hard to accept impromptu holidays like that. Singapore schools normally follow the school calendar and they don't shut for no rhyme or reason. Anyways, I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the 'long holidays' with my active boy around. We did quite alot of things - playing junior scrabble, junior monopoly, build blocks, play educational games on the computer, had dinners with his favourite uncle and even went for a picnic at Lakeside Gardens with some friends yesterday. It wasn't easy keeping him occupied every hour but we made it after five straight days!

It is a wonder how kids have so much energy that they sure need no fat burner like adults do! They can keep going on and on and not knowing what the word 'tired' means. Or maybe my boy is just one of them. He is so energetic and it's even funnier when he tells me that 'rest is boring!'

Well, it's one more day for the raya holidays for his school. I'm thankful that the school has chosen not to shut for a whole week. So one more day of late wakings and all day play and school will resume on Thursday. It would also mean the work at home mom gets back to her home office with no interruptions and not having to juggle between his computer games and my online work.

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