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21 September, 2007

clayton's mooncake festival celebration

We are not that sort of parents who participate in every activity organized by Clayton's school but tonight we decided to attend the mooncake festival celebration.

I was so excited that I went to buy Clayton his first lantern - this is a tradition practiced by the Chinese on the 8th lunar month every year. We got there a little late and there were already lots of students and teachers packed in the new vicinity. To my shock, my little Clayton refused to go inside. He seemed to encounter stranger anxiety and insisted that we should go home. Oh well, I tried so hard to convince him to stay for a while and he finally agreed but on the condition of being carried.

I was hoping that he would warm up and change his mind after seeing his teachers but he didn't. He just kept saying he wanted to go home. After half an hour, mommy's hands are far too tired so I decided to head home with DH. I guessed he was too tired... as expected he dozed off on the way back.

So much for being excited over the celebration - Sigh......

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