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21 September, 2007

when you need to buy cheap ink cartridges

These days, printers are so affordable - ink jet or laser, black and white or colour. Compared to those days, owning a printer is rare and only those who are running a business will invest in one. But since the day I bought my first Apple laser printer till now, I have seen the change of trends and prices. In fact, DH and myself had discarded more than 5 ink jet printers. Each time the ink ran out, it would be too expensive to buy the single ink cartridge. In fact, the new ink jets are only slightly dearer than the cartridges. But if we can buy ink cartridge at cheap prices while still getting a quality finish, that would be great.

Actually I heard that there are cheap UK printer ink and branded compatible inkjet cartridges including Ink Rite, Jet Tec and Print-Rite available at Ink Cartridges Direct. Besides these cheaper alternatives you can find your regular Epson Ink Cartridges, Canon, HP, Samsung and other brands. Since the prices are cheaper, we would not need to chuck our old printers away :P

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