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12 September, 2007

a virtual assistant for my multiple niche blogs

After some weeks of careful consideration, I finally took my DH's advice to get a virtual assistant to help me with some internet marketing work. As much as I enjoy maintaining my multiple niche blogs, I have no time to optimize them. These days, I don't blogwalk as much as before, plus my boy is demanding more attention from me everyday. I thought Montessori programs will teach them to play by themselves but it didn't seem to work that way for Clayton :( He still expects me to sit down or watch TV with him. Actually, I think he's helping his momma to rest and take breaks from the computer - how smart of him!


Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services said...
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Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services said...

I am glad that you chose to hire a virtual assistant to help you. Thank you for helping out our industry by blogging about this. Virtual assistants can help people in so many different ways, blogging being just one of them.