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26 September, 2007

potty training tips - anyone?

I had a super duper busy and messy day. This week, Clayton has started potty training at school. He messed up 2 days and yesterday was fine, today was the worse. I had to spend half hour washing his soiled clothes and shoes and just when I thought that I could rest, I saw a puddle on the floor. I talked to him, reminded him about the bathroom and potty but half hour later, there was another puddle. I was mad. I had to cleaned twice and that was frustrating! Plus, DH was away for his Asia Sales Congress these few days.

Well, that was not the end of the mess. I checked the clock and thought I would take him to the bathroom an hour later. But lo and behold, when I came downstairs, there was another puddle -I wanted to scream!!!

I know I should be stressed over this and it isn't fair to expect him to learn this overnight. Patience is what I need and yes, I should continue to press on. Anyone moms or dads has any tips to share on potty training?

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Karen S. said...

I was very frustrated as well with potty training. When I was researching potty training a common theme seemed to be praise and positive reinforcement. I came across a website called www.pottytrainingrewards.com. We hung it in the kitchen and named the little boy on the front of the package, Bobby. My son could not wait to go to the potty so he could push the button, hear the praising message, and get his chocolate reward from, Bobby. It really got my son excited about using the potty himself and it was fun for him. Because he became so involved, potty training was easy. So give it a try. Best of luck!