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08 September, 2007

why anyone with websites needs SEO

In one of the internet seminars I attended, I gathered some knowledge on the importance of SEO and how webmasters continuously crave higher search engine rankings. I believe it make good sense as the closer your site is to the first entry in the search engine results page, the more chances you have of bringing on surfer traffic to your website. I can understand this cos my sites have appeared on Page 1 on Google for certain keywords. It was an experiment I did and it worked :)

This is the reason why anyone with websites should consider engaging a website optimization firm if you are serious about increasing your web presence. To be given a high search result ranking, the website must contain relevant information or content. You need to have quality content written down to describe your website and its contents. The search engine examines your website and all that it contains. And this is just one of the expertise of a website optimization firm, whose job is to help you achieve your objectives and goals through proper optimization strategies and techniques.

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