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07 September, 2007

all that trouble of VISA application to the states

I only wish a VISA application to the US is less complicated than going through a series of procedures. First, you need to pay in advance your application and processing fee at Alliance Bank. Then you need to schedule an interview appointment, which normally is a week from the date of payment. AFter that, you need to fill in 3 sets of application forms ONLINE. - only ONLINE. I printed out the PDF format of the application form, thinking that since it's downloadable, then it should be printed out. But no - I was wrong. I actually need to fill in the forms online.

The best thing was the internet connection was down yesterday so I couldn't do all these at all. When I called up the embassy, the guy told me that I must visit a cybercafe if I can't get them filled and printed online - huh??? Thank God the line came back and I got everything settled.

After queuing and entering the gate, we were told that the photographs needed to be 5cm x 5cm with a white background - huh? Why didn't they emphasize this on their site if they are so strict. This means DH has to go back again on Monday... in other words, after almost two hours, no application was lodged :(

Singaporeans do not require a VISA to enter the US - thank God, that helps to save USD$100 shopping money!

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