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29 September, 2007

used cars resource at your fingertips

When I was doing my postgraduate in Perth ten years ago, I did home stay with a lovely retired Australian couple. Taking a break from work for that year was one of the best decisions I had made in my life. What I really wanted at that time was to get an used car since it would be more convenient to drive to Uni than taking the bus. From where I lived, I needed to take 2 buses which took 30 minutes in traveling time and walked a further 20 minutes before reaching my campus. But if I drive, the journey would be less than 10 minutes. So imagine the time I could save if I had a car then.

How nice if the internet was so advanced at that time, if there was a site like AutoGuide.com which could provide me the platform to search for used cars. I could choose the brand I wanted, state my budget, select the style and the search features would bring me to the used cars that fit my criteria. You can even read reviews and feedback of the used cars by real drivers which help you to make better decision before selecting the right used car to purchase. This is one useful resource for anyone thinking of buying used cars.

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