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09 September, 2007

I can only grow cactus!

Oh... that is a cool meme - Green Thumb Sunday! I learned it from Adam after reading about his basil, lavender and tomatoes - I'm envious! I tried planting all of these in my life time and didn't succeed for too long. Once, I smuggled a little Lavender plant from Melbourne. It did grow for 3 months but died after the Malaysia heat scorched it :(

So now, all I grow is Aloe Vera and cactus - not much maintenance needed, that's why :P I had great success with a garden full of sunflowers few years ago and that was a fulfilled dream I cherished til this day. I won't say I have green fingers but I do love to be around these creations from heaven above.

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Adam Mutum said...

Welcome to green Sunday, Doris. Will try to post one after I get back from car boot sale