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21 September, 2007

my first baking class with Catherine

These are the shots taken during my first baking class with Catherine Lau a week ago. There was two days ago on light fruit cake but I couldn't find the time to spend 4 hours in the class. Tomorrow is another interesting one on Japanese Cheesecake - yummy! Looks like I just have to wait till my last event is over or maybe I should really make time.

A lady in the class was 'laughing' at me snapping pictures of ingredients, cake and everything else - it sounded like an insult, as if I was "sua koo" - in my heart I was telling myself "what do you know, lady? I'm a blogger!" LOL.

Can you see all the 'auntie auntie' in the class? ya lor, these are the ones who have all the time in the world to attend baking class everyday, even though they already know everything about baking.

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Stephanie said...

People sometimes laugh at my picture taking too, but hey non bloggers just don't understand! ;)