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07 September, 2007

tips for that memorable cruise holiday

So where do you start when planning a cruise holiday? First, ask yourself, what is your budget like?

When scheduling your cruise holiday, you should be aware that there are off and on season dates, and that you want to schedule your trip in the off season to get the best deal. What you may not know, however, is that cruise lines actually change prices a number of times throughout the year.

Ask and find out when their absolute lowest season prices are. In addition, keep your plans somewhat flexible so that you can change ships at the last minute. Sometimes a ship is not filled to capacity, so the cruise line will sell the last few tickets at a real bargain. It is always to their advantage to sail filled to capacity because people on holiday spend money on souvenirs, drinks, etc. Use this knowledge to get a really great deal. But if your dates are not flexible, don't wait too close to your travel dates to do your booking or you may not end up going for that cruise holiday at all :P

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