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20 September, 2007

more mineral makeup samples arriving!

Oh yes, I've got some more mineral makeup samples arriving next week for product review. That is so exciting! My dressing table is filled with many little sample cases of mineral makeup now - mineral foundation, mineral blusher, mineral eyeshadow, bronzer, brushes...etc. It is fun picking and deciding which mineral foundation to put on the face when I'm going out... all thanks to Erth Minerals and Lumiere Cosmetics. I'll be getting some samples from Monave soon. So watch out for more product reviews ( real ones!)


sesame said...

Yo, so jelus neh...haha...how you get so many freebies? I must be more proactive I guess but me is quite lazy.

Hey, btw, your comment box is chopped off 1/4. So when I try now, I cannot see the rest of the text.

dorischua said...

He he - actually it's exciting and fun to review real stuff! I just started doing this and I'm loving it leh - thanks for pointing out the comments box thingy - maybe it is some error... hope it's ok now :)

Skin Care said...

Cool. I like to use mineral makeup too since its better for sensitive skin types.