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23 September, 2007

events for next year all planned

In three months' time, we'll be entering into a new year. In terms of business, this has been an interesting one for us - new partnerships, new events, new collaborations...etc. Last week, we finally sat down to plan for our next year's seminars and we decided to cut risks to a minimal and to remained focused.

Since we have planned for four seminars next year, it's time that DH looks into a new laptop to replace his current one, which seems to be facing system errors regularly. A laptop will be ideal for him as he needs something portable and mobile since our events are conducted in hotels. The ones at Dell offer a wide range of options and performance, with various models that are suitable for home and business use. Prices are competitive and upgrading is flexible for those who want more. Besides, we would like to support the people who have supported us in our business, and Dell had previously sent its team to our seminars.

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