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20 September, 2007

puking on interims?

Well, my friends are puking on interims... imagine that - if you have 5 blogitives, you need to churn out 2 interims x 5 advertisers' posts, that gives you 10 interims plus 5 actual posts, so you need to write 15 posts altogether - whoa! That explains why I'm careful not to take too many blogitives or I'll really puke on interims.

There are 11 more days to the new month and I've reached my $2K target - now, I can relax a little, do some research on our Hawaii trip and sleep earlier :)


sesame said...

Wow, 2K target? USD? Whoo hoo! Congrats!

Blogitive very quiet now isn't it? But actually no need to do 2 interim straight. Unless there is a change to the terms that I’m not aware of, they accept as long as there are 2 non-paid posts even if there was a paid posts slot in between. Am I making sense here?

dorischua said...

Hey sesame - thanks! That makes sense - definitely less stressful than 2 straight interims in a row. Blogitive has little opps lately. And when opps are released, they are snapped up within minutes!