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20 September, 2007

more multiple niche blogs for more adsense

My second Google check is here! Well, it's only a $129 but it's in USD so that's still not bad, isn't it? I'm happy to see some movements in my Google adsense, compared to few months ago and that means I'll be receiving my Google checks on a more regular basis! I know there are many who boast about getting a four figure adsense check every month - kudos to these individuals but I think you need lots and lots of multiple niche blogs before this can ever happened!

For me, 5 multiple niche blogs and I'll already spinning. It's not the same as what the internet marketers are teaching - setting up multiple niche blogs that are subscribed via feeds, which means no writing needed. Somehow, this doesn't quite work for me, I think.

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Michelle said...

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