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16 September, 2007

colloidal silver to rid that cold

This cold that I'm having is loving me so much that it's not going away - it's frustrating! I am wondering if I should give colloidal silver a go since I've heard that it has been effective in treating cold symptoms.

While colloidal silver still has a bad name in conventional medicine, it is, however, gaining ground in alternative medicine. For thousands of years, silver is known for its antibiotic properties. Today, it is used to treat wounds and prevent infections as well as used in water purification processes.

How colloidal silver works is truly amazing. When the silver particles, suspended in liquid, come into contact with bacteria, viruses, or fungi, they have the ability to destroy the enzyme that these microorganisms need for oxygen metabolism. In other words, colloidal silver can cause these microorganisms to suffocate and eventually die. All this without destroying any neighboring otherwise healthy living cells.

Guess I need to find out where to order my colloidal silver now.

1 comment:

Shantanu said...

Lemme know if this works. I am prone to cold too, and hate it when the virus takes a liking to me. Hope you get well soon!