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01 November, 2007

check on your kids' ceramic clays

Even at three years old, Clayton likes to put his fingers in the mouth, bite his cars, toys and anything he gets his hands on and it annoys me when he does that. I always ensure that he washes his hands when he comes back from school or when he's done with any outdoor activities. And because he likes to put things in his mouth, I am careful about the safety of his toys especially modeling clays. He enjoys kneading and sculpting though he usually makes a mess of everything. But that's ok for me cos that's how children learn - they learn through play!

A word of advice to parents out there when buying arts and crafts materials for your kids. Take time to check on the product quality and make sure it doesn't contain lead as lead is linked to a host of health problems including learning and developmental problems in a child. Check out the wide selection of ceramic clays and other modelling materials at Amercian Art Clay who is the industry leader in children's ceramic products and materials. Kneading a slab of clay together with your child is a great way to foster closeness and promote bonding with your child. Just make sure they are toxic-free!

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