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05 November, 2007

so little qualified opps

I haven't been checking all the opportunities in PPP for a long time. I mean, why bother, since I cannot post in most of them. So usually, I'll choose the 'qualified opps' instead. But this morning, I got curious after realizing that the number of qualified opps available to me were only 7. I checked and realized that there were 133 opps in total to my surprise, there are so many opps looking for pr5 and pr6. Don't advertisers realize that it's almost not impossible to find a pr6 ppp postie now? Those bloggers with pr6 are not interesting in paid posts. I mean, why should they since their blogs are worth a lot more with text links advertisers.

Well, I think these ambitious advertisers may have to see their opps rotting. Worse still, some are asking for pr5 when they are only willing to pay $10. Errr... maybe they should check the market rates first.

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