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05 November, 2007

a passion in options trading

There is something I truly admire in my hubby. He's one person who never gives up on his dreams, no matter how many times he falls. He often tells me that determination and passion are essential ingredients to realizing a dream. And I can see that his persistence is paying off lately.

In 2004, he attended an options trading workshop conducted by a team of US entrepreneurs and since, his learning journey in options began. Now, to those of you who think options trading is quick money - No, it isn't. DH used to think that it was but he was wrong and paid heavily for his lessons. After struggling for a few years and losing some money in the options market, he resorted to paper trading for two years. Paper trading is 'real trading' with no real money involved.

To cut the whole story short, he finally had a breakthrough few months ago and started to make 'real' money in options trading. He often shares with me about iron condor and some trade stories but I can only listen with lots of doubts. I mean how does he expects me to understand iron condors when I know nuts about condor and spreads? But whenever I come to know about any interesting sites on options trading, I'll share that with him. In fact, I just told him about Condor Options the other day and he signed up for the newsletter immediately. That's what I mean by having a passion in what you do.

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