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08 November, 2007

sound effects make all the difference

Digital music is needed to help entertain everyone from all around and it just makes life so much more exciting and entertaining, you will hear the sounds in movies, video games, commercials, just everywhere that you go really. Watching a movie without music would be like peanut butter without the jelly or like cereal without the milk, right? Digital music really does make things much more interesting and catches our attention more than many other things in life, there is definitely no doubt about that.

Well, the works of Brice Carrington add life to movies, juice to the story line and create excitement in the viewers. With his creativity, Brice creates the sound effects from scratch and manipulate them to create new character and personality to new sounds for movies and TV clips. To capture the real essence of certain sound effects in movies, Brice frequently travels round the world which also led to the Ultimate FX surround sound library.

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