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25 November, 2007

time to design your own logo now!

Last Sunday, I attended an ex-student's wedding and it was a beautiful occasion. Jerry brought me back to the days where I used to work as a design lecturer, specializing in corporate identity, layout design, publication design, typography and others. Jerry was one of those whom I spent a lot of time in guiding him in his design projects and school assignments... those were the days...

As a matter of fact, the internet has contributed lots of changes to the design industry too. These days, you can create a "Do It Yourself Logo Design" with the sophisticated design software features at LOGOYES. And the best thing about it is: it is free to use this service and you pay only if you are happy with your creation! This is excellent for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are starting out, who can't afford to pay hefty fees to designers and design firms. Oh no, I'm not putting this group of professionals out of job but LogoYes is great for those who want to want to unleash their creative potential and have their own go in logo design!

For those who are so new in logo design, the creators of LogoYes have outlined few guidelines of how to ensure your custom logo is an effective one in terms of corporate branding. With an affordable price of only $99, you can use your newly designed logo for any purpose - create your namecard, poster, marketing materials, corporate stationery...etc. Ready to let your creative juices flow? I'm going to design a logo myself and check out the features... join me!

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