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05 November, 2007

what a real treat for clayton!

This weekend is 'home alone' for Clayton and me. DH has gone to Ipoh and we have the whole house and car to ourselves! Yesterday was good fun for Clayton at Ikano. There was a Singapore tourism fair at the mall and they had a free train ride at the exhibition which became the main draw. For the 1st time, Clayton went up and town the train for a dozen times! Usually, he's only allowed once on those paid rides but since this one was free, we let him played as many times as he wanted. But I had to say the train ride was real fun for kids, I could see many happy children and adults at the fair. That was a real treat for my boy...

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pluboy said...

Am glad your kid enjoyed himself at the Singapore Tourism Fair..

Well, if you are around, do bring him here again, as there's lots of musicals dances, santas and gingerbreadman and lots other games and the best part, train ride!

I am amused and cant stop smiling seeing little children so happily playing and enjoying themselves at the Ikano Christmas Carnival.. and if you havent bring him here yet, you better, cos Im sure he will definitely love, the train ride.. and it moves around..

I'd be glad to give you a few extra train ride coupons for him if you want, makes us as organiser feel proud and satisfied..