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15 November, 2007

I found an oooold friend at Facebook! yay!

If the world is large, then I can confidently say that the internet has shrunk it! Oh... why didn't I believe in all the buzz about Facebook earlier, I would have found more long, lost friends!

When I was sixteen, I sang in a church talent's nite with a good friend and we came in fourth, if my memory didnt' fail me. It was a memorable experience! This friend of mine left Singapore to the US to further his studies after completing his college years. During his few years in Singapore, we spent some time together, studying for exams, singing, social activities... oh yes, I had a crush on him then - LOL! Anyways, we lost touch for more than 15 years, I believe.

Lo and behold, I got curious and wanted to try out the 'power' of social media so I started searching for his name in Facebook. I found this name that resembled his and out of curiosity, I took the courage to drop this anonymous person a line, wanting to confirm if this is the friend whom I knew way back in 1986.

Guess what? He wrote back and confirmed that I had found him!! Isn't that great? I found a friend whom I lost touch for more than 15 years!! I can't even find his name on Google - LOL! Anyways, so glad to know that he's settled down happily with 2 beautiful kids and is doing great in his career. This is probably the best surprise I have had this month!

So guys, if you are not on Facebook, why dont' give it a try? BTW, this is not a sponsored post! LOL!

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