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10 November, 2007

life is more than page rank

No matter what is said or refuted about the loss of PR, it is a lie to say that one is not affected if his/her pr has seen a ditch. We are humans so let's be honest about it. Whether or not your blog or site is used for paid links, paid posts or nothing at all... it still sucks. It's just the level of frustration, that's all. Some cope better, others don't.

I must admit that I have refused to read too much woes, cries, assumptions, analysis, critic about this whole page rank penalizing theory cos' everyone is making conjectures and there isn't much originality in all the posts anyway. This morning, I finally took a FULL read at Link Worth's blog and learned a few things from the long post by Ron (aka Wicko). I enjoyed his article, maybe because we had communicated few occasions on email and I must say I like his stand on things, not just this Google PR thingy. Though I haven't received that many business from LW lately but a peek on the blog each time is enlightening for me still. I'll leave you guys to click on the link to read more, no point for me doing a summary here.

So back to this PR drop thingy... I've stopped making guesses and yes, life still goes on. I'm still seeing greens in my pocket and I'm thankful. No, I won't start new blogs with the hope to get a new reputation from Google but I'll continue to improve my blog content and focus on the many things in life that need my attention.

Life is more than page rank... I'm heading to Hawaii in four weeks' time!

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shoppingmum said...

You are right. That's why I just blog as usual now. Really sien. Since there is nothing we can do about it, just let it be.